2004-12-09 12:38:58 ET

ok the time at the moment im typing this is 5:36 eastern time
2:36 pacific time
and i have to wait until 3:15 pacific time to post a poem on
aaahhhh i have to wait 45 minutes to put up a freaking poem
it was alot easier to wait when i had to wait until thursday .. but now its thursday and i just realized that im on eastern time and they said 3:15 pacific damn technicalities.

2004-12-09 12:41:11 ET

Why do you have to wait till 3:15? Is it a contest or something?

2004-12-09 12:50:17 ET

no this damn thing has a three day waiting peiod for people when they first register... i think its so that they can create the site for us or so they can register us or something. i dont know theyre a bunch of dumbasses.

2004-12-09 13:00:50 ET

got give them a break though, they let u post almost anything and almost as much as u want in a day.

2004-12-09 13:36:11 ET

my mom said something funny a second ago but i dont remember what it was

2004-12-09 13:39:43 ET


It's after 3:15 now, did you get your poem posted?

2004-12-09 13:57:14 ET

not yet

2004-12-09 13:58:08 ET's 4:00 now

2004-12-09 14:00:46 ET

i know, but im on the phone with my man

2004-12-09 14:01:09 ET


2004-12-09 14:25:22 ET

ok first poems up

2004-12-09 14:34:11 ET


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