uh oh
2004-12-12 12:26:37 ET

ok heres the deal. im in serious shit right now . i have this big project due tomorrow, just started it, dont know haw to do bibliography right, plaese help!!!! anybody!!!! holy shit i dont wanna fail, its the last assignment i have for this class. i think im ganna fail this project. uh oh. <<freaking out big time>>>>
please help

2004-12-12 12:29:51 ET

A bibliography is just a list of all the resources you've used, isn't it? Eg. Books, websites, journals, etc.
I think.

2004-12-12 12:30:24 ET


2004-12-12 12:51:31 ET

good luck with your project!!

2004-12-12 13:18:29 ET

yes Actually it is ... lol that looks funny.

thanks jolie ill check it out
thanks doll i need good luck to finish this, my mind keeps wandering and i keep cauching myself on other things, like i pods, and then tatoos, and then blood and ive only been on the comp for about 30 minutes.
i think im ganna do a half ass job and call it done
::sigh:: oh well

2004-12-12 22:10:22 ET

hahaha, thats the spirit !! :)

2004-12-13 08:30:26 ET

lol, well its tha next day and i turned in and present my "project" lol
my demonstration of brakes- i took a cd player and pressed play... open the cd player and put my finger on the cd, it stoped and i said thats how brakes work, they use friction to stop you or slow you down.
and then i had a little cartoon as the visual, thats all i presented and then i turned in an abstract essay about the physics of brakes. lol kinda left off the bibliography... she said it was all fine

2004-12-13 17:59:18 ET

fuckin rights, that would be an awesome way to do a prject !

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