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2004-12-12 13:36:57 ET

Megan ******
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Everyday Physics of Brakes

Car brakes, and bicycle brakes use friction to work. Itís the same with most brakes. When your riding a sled and you press your foot against the ground, what happens? You slow down right? Well thatís because your foot is acting as a brake, and is using friction to slow you down. Another example is when you were little and you rode the little red wagon down a hill. When you got scared you would put your feet out in an attempt to stop before you hit something. Have you ever accidentally slid down the stairs and as soon as you began to feel yourself falling you put out your hands and pressed against the walls? Doing this is another example of using friction to stop.
Gravity also works as a brake on objects. When you are riding on a flat surface in your car and you release the acceleration pedal, what happens? Do you keep going at the same speed, or do you slow down? Gravity takes affect and the car slows down.
Gravity is natureís friction. Itís the reason a ball stops after it has rolled for a distance. Itís the reason why baseball players donít slide all the way around the world. Unfortunately its also the reason why water runs down my driveway and used to flood my garageÖ.
See how I get off topic so easily?

2004-12-12 14:06:03 ET

i think the teacher would be like.. "no"

2004-12-12 14:09:53 ET

actually its for ms. tillotson so she would laugh and be like yeah i do see

2004-12-12 21:35:40 ET

heheheh... adorable.

2004-12-20 09:38:25 ET

I used to go off on tangents like that jsut to see the wcomments a teacher would make. After a while they just accepted it and started to not take off points for assisitude

2004-12-20 10:38:55 ET

assisitude? hhmmm whats that?
and yes my malkavian friend it is adorable. :)

2004-12-20 11:08:25 ET

assisitude (w) (ass-iss-ih-t00de)
1- Word I made up that generally mean asslike behavior. See also, Assesque, Asshattery.

2004-12-20 11:26:49 ET


2004-12-20 11:29:51 ET

Assesque (Ass-esk)
1- Like an ass , Those hills look Assesque
2- Technically a spoonerism. It is LIKE an ass but not actually an ass

Asshattery (Ass-hat-er-ree)
1- Behavior and actions performed by Asshats

2004-12-20 11:32:51 ET

lol, your hillarious

2004-12-20 11:42:52 ET

LOL those have worked their way into my everyday Vocabulary. I don't even notice when I use them anymore.

I also Say Craptastic but the new one I want to use more is Crapfish. THAT is still funny to me

2004-12-20 11:45:41 ET

funny funny ha ha your good

2004-12-20 11:54:28 ET

heh I actually find my latest journal funny in a highly offensive way

2004-12-20 12:36:40 ET

ive been looking at your "the big quiz entry" and im trying to take every quiz on there, but im getting a little impaticeint with the lunatic one.
ill check the latest entry when im done... ::sigh:: or ill give up and go ahead and check it.

2004-12-21 04:36:21 ET

LOL yeah the big quiz entry is big. I may need to ask mox to remove the posting limit on just that one

2004-12-21 08:52:32 ET


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