cool typing tools in word
2004-12-12 14:35:16 ET

ctrl backspace deletes words at a time
alt backspace undoes things, one word at a time,, really cool if you ask me. play withit and see for your self
oh faith remember that thing we used to do in class, that flipped the windows? what was that again? i dont remember
aahh you wouldnt know anyway
shift right arrow key, highlights letters from left to right
shift left arrow, highlights letters from right to left
shift up arrow - highlights things from bottom to top
blah blah blah i beeter get back to work now

2004-12-12 21:27:17 ET

heheh. cute.
You'll see one day that it is possible to do everything with only the keyboard.

2004-12-13 05:17:50 ET

shift Page down higlights everything from the cursor to the end of the page/document

shift page up highlights to the start of the page/document

Shift End Highlights to the end of the line

Shift Home highligts to the beginning of the line

the windows key and M will bring you to the desktop

To "flip the windows" you hit ALT TAB to go backwards thru multiple windows you hit SHIFT ALT TAB. Holding ALT while doing this will sumarise all the windows for you.

2004-12-13 11:15:19 ET

i know you can do everything with only the keyboard... i can do everything with the keyboard, but i have bad wrists so i cant keep them in the same position in mid air for too long, with out feeling pain.

2004-12-13 11:22:24 ET

sub- interesting ... ah ah flip the window flip the windows
i did that at the begining of the semester and taught it to faith and we played with that for a day. i dont remember how it happened... aw damn thats not the flipping i was talking about though, sub...
i was talking about when everything on the screen flips over so its upside down... you cant do all the other ways too. its cool

2004-12-13 11:38:50 ET

hey yeah I know how to do that trhu NVIDIA's control panel but ... hmmm

2004-12-13 11:40:32 ET

it was on a school comp and my comp doesnt do it but the schools does and im jealous.

2004-12-13 11:40:51 ET

NVIDIA's control ? what is that?

2004-12-14 07:24:01 ET

i dont remember how to do it.. something with alt and tab or soemthin..

2004-12-14 08:30:43 ET

NVIDIA offers a control panel with its graphics cards that you can do all kinds of tweaks with

2004-12-15 14:05:17 ET

swweet .. yall know what i just did? i pressed alt and tab and this little box flashed, and my other window came up. so i did it again only slower, alt tab hold alt down. then a little box comes up, with all the windows you have opened. press tab again and you came move the selection box to the next window, let go of alt and you go to the window you have selected. swweet right,
well i think its cool because i was trying to figure out how to swich between windows without using the mouse.

2004-12-16 04:53:34 ET

LOL I said that above but Kudos to learning it yourself

2004-12-16 06:02:46 ET

ya i know thats what alt tab does, it switches to another window or application you have open

2004-12-19 13:02:12 ET

sub- yes, yes you did. i tried to show it to my mom but shes not a fast learner.
Faithy i love you :)

2004-12-19 15:42:37 ET


2004-12-20 10:39:36 ET

awww how cute.

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