2004-12-18 12:24:58 ET

my mom just caught me a red kissing she was watching the entire time and then we looked and everyone started laughing
lmao, she came up here with me and red becuase we were laughing and she could hear me typing so she knew i was saying something about her. lol shes so paranoid. ha ha irony. well at least i wasnt saying anything bad. hell all yall have odd parents too. lol
my mommy just called the ashtray an ass tray but hey giv her a brake she had a cigarette in her mouth at the time.
guess what.... haha im good.
my moms afraid to leave me and dave alone.... shes got good reason though.
my mommy is delaying natures way. ::sigh::

2004-12-18 13:44:56 ET

she dont want to be a grandma yet ;)

2004-12-18 21:56:37 ET

yea then she'll have to admit that she's old... and that's rough on a person O_o...

2004-12-19 12:59:08 ET

lol, my legs hurt ... along with other things, lol
she wont be a grandma, shes too young, and im a careful little paranoid girl. :) hehehe

2004-12-19 16:04:36 ET

youre only 16 man, go slow. nature dont have the happen that quickly.

look at me soundin like im 30.

2004-12-19 16:05:09 ET

i hate giving advice to the young uns...makes me feel like i'm my dad....

2004-12-19 16:12:44 ET

me too, im always like "you have your whole life! dont rush anything!" or im yellin at kids to shut up and do their class work.

2004-12-19 16:14:02 ET

well sorry to here of the hurting O_o... scary haha...

and yea advice... :::shakeshead::: i try to avoid doin' it myself :'(

2004-12-20 10:34:08 ET

hehehe. ha ha faithys old

2004-12-20 16:01:14 ET

mrah.. not old, just.. too old for where i am in life.

2004-12-21 08:52:03 ET

lol, yer old

2004-12-21 08:55:16 ET

I find i'm too young for where I am in life =P

eternally the 16 year old refusing to do his homework hehehe

2004-12-21 09:15:37 ET


2004-12-21 09:17:00 ET

i love that last entry sub. yall had me laughing my ass off... only prob was i kept getting inturrupted by the damn server shit... "redial me" shit.. ::sigh:: i think my comps high again.

2004-12-21 09:24:12 ET

LOL sounds likke you may need the help of a professional Nerd Such as myself

2004-12-21 09:25:36 ET

interesting.... perhaps i do

2004-12-21 09:44:18 ET

i think i'm growing cenile in my young age... :'(

correct me if i spelt that wrong...

2004-12-21 09:50:47 ET

me too. im getting old too early

2004-12-21 09:51:29 ET

oh i cant wait til im finished with this next entry its pritty damn long, ill tell you wen i post it. its not ready yet. hehehehe

2004-12-21 10:04:05 ET


2004-12-21 10:04:44 ET

well i see... one letter off :'(

2004-12-21 10:05:59 ET

hehe you said to correct you =P

2004-12-21 10:06:53 ET

it's cool... it'll stop me before i fuck it up next time... and that's what is important... unless i forget... O_o

2004-12-21 10:07:45 ET

ok im finished with it... the entry i mean its been entried

2004-12-21 10:21:03 ET

yesh i shee it...

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