slogans from some site
2004-12-21 09:56:16 ET

"It's Different in a Crystal."

this ones for"I Like the Megs in You."

I'm Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Crystal.
Turn Loose The Crystal.
Get More From Crystal.
The World's Favourite Crystal.
I am Stuck on Crystal, 'Cause Crystal's Stuck on Me.
More Crystal Please.
Cleans Right Round The Crystal.
The Man From Crystal, he says "Yes"
lmao-Does the Hard Crystal, So You Don't Have To.
ok yall need to try this out for likes
Death-Lickin' Good.
Simple Impartial Death.
Misery - Australian for Beer.
this things got me laughing my ass off

2004-12-21 10:10:34 ET

Vorsprung Durch Misery. ::i dont get that one

2004-12-21 10:26:17 ET


You'll Look a Little Lovelier Each Day with Fabulous Pink Brendan.
Does the Hard Brendan for You.
The Lighter Way To Enjoy Brendan.
The Man From Brendan, he says "Yes"
Time for a Sharp Brendan.
Cleans a Big, Big Brendan For Less Than Half a Crown.

Designed for Subsonik.
All You Add Is Subsonik.
We Bring The Good Subsonik To Life.

2004-12-21 10:33:20 ET

lmao i told yall it was funny

2004-12-21 11:58:33 ET

Hahahaha! That's great!!!

Let the Megs begin.
Give the Dog a Megs.
Fast Megs and Good for You.
Silly Rabbit, Megs is for Kids.
Better Living Through Megs.
Do You, uh, Megs?

I'm going to stop there...

2004-12-21 21:40:45 ET

Ok, so thats funny, because I've been thinking about posting the text from my shower gel because it does just that...


It's a bubble bath! It's a shower gel! It's a shampoo! It's a big, fat coconut in a big, fat bottle. It's the Coconut that ate Brookly. Wall-to-wall Coconut. It's the biggest Coconut to ever hit Hollywood. A Coconut of historic proportions. An all-star Coconut extravaganza. The Coconut of the century. Standing room only Coconut. A larger-than-life Coconut. Sea-to-shining-sea Coconut. A Coconut to end all Coconuts.

Damn thing cracks me up everytime I get into the shower. I wonder if they went to that site?

2004-12-21 23:34:09 ET

heh, yeah, I've seen that before.
You should try also the Googlism; just insert diferent names.

2004-12-22 08:10:12 ET


jaime is neither ashamed nor professionally cute

2004-12-22 11:51:36 ET

lol, oh megs
haha coconut
just a sec and ill say haha googlism

2004-12-22 11:55:38 ET

lol thanks Malkavian, this things hilarious

crystal is stolen
crystal is crucial
crystal is made
crystal is cheap
crystal is forever
crystal is concentrated energy
crystal is a reward in itself

i like these ones
but im ganna save the site

2004-12-22 12:01:30 ET

malkavian is perfect for the role
malkavian is fluffy take this simple quiz
malkavian is jack murphy
malkavian is crazy like a fox
malkavian is different from each other malkavian
malkavian is bent and twisted around their derangement
malkavian is silly or cute
malkavian is a good malkavian
malkavian is mad in some way
malkavian is uncontrollable
malkavian is large
malkavian is hidden in the past
malkavian is likely to...
check this out

2004-12-22 13:04:32 ET

megs is pretty daring
megs is a significant problem
megs is probably more than your web site will ever require but we feel too much is better than not enough
megs is not enough
megs is charged at an additional $79


2004-12-22 13:07:48 ET


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