whisper whisper
2005-01-02 13:15:11 ET

red-oh ok i understand
red- whay are we whispering?
me-because you are
red-oh ok just wanted to establish that
me- ok ... good

we didnt stop whispering though.... no comment.

later when we were not whispering
me- your hilarious
red- no i do not have a hairy ass

2005-01-02 13:55:52 ET

ya.. it would be funny if you did have a hairy ass.
you'd be like beastman

"shake your ass c'mon beastman, shake your furry fur off.

I can't it's made of fur.

Bitch well then whack me off.
Grab your hairy palms.

Hairy, hairy indeed.
They're hairy as fuck."

2005-01-02 14:17:39 ET

lol, he laughed too
now his talking about hairy men on riply's believe it or not
wolf men or something
hairy faces and stuff

2005-01-02 14:18:10 ET

where the hell did that come from?

2005-01-02 14:22:41 ET

Skeletor VS Beastman by CKY

i saw a newborn baby with that hairy disease it had a furry face..

2005-01-02 14:23:32 ET

Lol... yeah that's just... odd...

2005-01-02 15:06:59 ET


2005-01-02 23:10:26 ET

hmmm... kutos

2005-01-04 10:57:15 ET

kutos? my cousin had a dogs named kutos... i always called him food... come here food come on boy come here

2005-01-04 15:26:15 ET

why'd ya call him food?

2005-01-05 10:01:23 ET

coz kutos is food.

2005-01-05 10:14:17 ET

or is food kutos O_o... the questions that work the mind...

2005-01-05 10:14:50 ET


2005-01-05 10:24:47 ET

(somethin' my poppa would've said... don't pay no mind)

2005-01-05 13:22:12 ET

aww.. ::high five for daddies:: i lub my daddy

2005-01-05 14:06:30 ET

i dont know my daddy... but i dont wanna know him either from the stories ive heard ::shiver::-::flinch::-::shudder::

2005-01-06 01:58:39 ET

i love my dad... but he can freak me out pretty easily haha... and he's kinda scary... haha...

2005-01-06 11:14:52 ET

ya i didnt meet my dad till i was 8, and im usually shy but i loved him since the day i met him.

2005-01-06 12:50:32 ET

ehhh i actually grew up with my dad... 'around' haha... but i've always liked him best as a truck driver

2005-01-06 13:51:54 ET

lmao, gabe that is prolly true of everyone.
i didnt reunite with my mommy til i was 8 either. never met my dad and dont want to.
i have my aunt and uncle aka mom and dad
and then i have my mom and her boyfriend Robert so im have 2 moms and 2 dads

child: "mommy?"
mother: "yes dear?"
child: "why do i have 2 mommys and 2 daddys?"
mother ::stunned look on face then shifty eyes:: yells for back up

2005-01-06 14:10:42 ET

hahaha... that's pretty wild...
i grew up with just a mommy and daddy... they weren't half bad... sept sundays i hated sundays... all week days were usually okay sept for sometimes on wednesdays haha...

2005-01-06 14:49:06 ET

lol, i dont live near my mommy and robert. they live in florida and i live in georgia

2005-01-06 15:57:46 ET

the childrens book "sue has 2 mommies"

"mommy, why dont i have a daddy?"
"mommy, why do you and other mommy wrestle naked in bed?"

2005-01-07 10:06:15 ET

haha no, ur brother cleatus

2005-01-07 11:40:30 ET

faithy---- lmao i didnt put that in the book, but then again i diddnt finish it either.... hhmmm i wonder if its still on my student number??? ::ponders for a moment:: and it was titled "why do i have...?"
::sigh:: its bubba not billy and not cleatus... although cleatus is a funny name... lol and i dont want that kinda jokes on my page. no brother-sister shit everything else i can deal with but not that.

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