i didnt say how i'ld post it.
2005-04-06 11:57:09 ET

this is what i have to memberize
see i told you it was blue
sorry i cant make it smaller with it still being readable cause im poor and cant aford to even get a new watch... the one im wearing, it "glass" or whatever it is is cracked reall bad so some of the time i dont know what hour it is. i think its 5 right now but i know its 3 after

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
and thank ImageShak for making this possible

2005-04-06 13:29:50 ET


yay! let me know if the job sucks. im holdin out to work at a Video Game store.. haha... mm.. video games.

2005-04-07 07:30:53 ET

heh sounds like fun. just carry that with you for the first few days though. JIC

2005-04-12 10:45:24 ET

only problem i have with the job is i cant work if the weathers bad so i havent worked but one day so far... and im ganna run out of my bank account if i have to pay one more car note and another tank of gas... i have bills to pay and with a not so garunteed check every other week i might loose my car. ::runs away and cries::

2005-04-12 11:06:48 ET


2005-04-12 11:22:04 ET

darn it! get a real job!... well, one thats reliable at least

2005-04-12 11:25:31 ET

im not really trained yet so they are hesitant to keep me there when its slow. ill get more hours once im trained and dont need someone to make sure im doing things right.

2005-04-12 11:27:28 ET

i guess that makes sense.. good luck tho coz i know how much it sucks to have a job but not be useful to them.

2005-04-12 11:28:16 ET

yeah... thanks

2005-04-12 11:34:31 ET

I have a pricing question for you.

Car washed in the blood of a hundered virgins?

how much that cost?

2005-04-12 11:35:14 ET

i want that deal.

2005-04-12 11:48:27 ET

im sorry to tell you that that is the most expensive deal we have but considering the lengths we go for this deal, it really is a bargain at around $4,500.95

we dont get many virgins these days which explains the price.

2005-04-12 12:00:04 ET


2005-04-12 12:02:23 ET


2005-04-12 12:03:44 ET

I drive an SUV do I still add $2?

2005-04-12 12:06:53 ET

fer the blood bath its add $200... i wish they would put that on there damn it.

i know what to do... hehehe ::evil plan will provail::
whats provail mean?

2005-04-12 12:08:54 ET

Provail is a high dose tablet of Ibuprofin....

2005-04-12 12:09:38 ET

cool, then i wont change anything. it makes perfect sense to me doesnt it to you?

2005-04-12 12:09:59 ET

ahh my dinners ganna burn... be back in a bit

2005-04-12 12:10:37 ET

yep. AHAHA dinner skorched!

2005-04-12 12:16:21 ET

::cough cough:: i cant breath... i ran up the stairs again

2005-04-12 12:17:15 ET

usually a bad call hehehe

runnin when you don't need to. pfah

2005-04-12 12:26:07 ET

i wanted to hurry back here .. im waiting for antipathy's response to something i said... i want her clothes and im begging her to give them to me tommorrow. im poor i need help with neccessities

2005-04-12 12:27:10 ET

alright i cant wait aqnylonger i have to go somewhere. ill talk to you later
lots of love

2005-04-12 12:28:33 ET

cya! *huggles*

2005-04-13 10:38:25 ET

huggles... hahaha *huggle snuggles*

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