nothing new
2005-07-14 12:36:28 ET

i just wanted to let everybody know that im still alive. theres nothing new to post except that i got an xbox now. otherwise nothing new except i work more and get on the computer a lot less. sorry everybody ive been too busy to get on the computer and even at this moment i have to go.
i hope everyone is doing well. especial megs, faith, klem, and of course gabe. if i left you out it's only because im on the run. love you all and miss you all
*hugz* to all

2005-07-15 14:30:50 ET

well i'm married now and i'm in a band. otherwise, same ol.

2005-07-16 05:55:56 ET

im good man! and you know what im good!?? coz tomorrow i turn 20 and coz i dont have to go to school in august like you do!!

j/k haha.. i might start college in january.. but still, haha!

2005-09-22 10:41:33 ET

-really really really really really """"""""""""""""""""" really late congrats klemmy. i hope yall will be happy and together forever.

im still with Redz, my love, my life. still planning to get married once im out of highschool. still happy and in love and all
...i'm still in school... taking an auto collision repair class at maxwell high... the teacher looks like andy griffith.. he sounds like the sherif though... not sure how that works but whatever
im running for treasurer if a program at maxwell called SkillsUSA... my trade mark is going to be that all my posters will be made with letters i cut from newspaper clippings. and i'll have some sort of symbol at the bottom saying "from the Hutton for treasurer campaign" or something like that... im open to suggestions ... ... . . . ... uh
... yeah

- yeah but i only have one year left
dont forget faye faye you rock.

sorry i havent gotten on to respond until now but this is the first day off from work that ive had since the last time i got on the computer which the computer says was... 07-14... ... i work way too much. well ive got work to do ... ironic isnt it. i take the day off from work so i can work... that just isnt right. the schools should pay us.

2005-09-22 15:29:22 ET

my god you're up to a lot. and a woman doing body work is HOTT!

2005-09-23 04:11:56 ET

wow.. and i thought i was busy with my job.. im workin at the spirit halloween store on Pleasant Hill in the Petco Parkinglot (mall corners) come see me!

2005-09-29 14:21:19 ET

yeah i am up to a lot. but look im back on again!!!!!

and faye faye i will come see you gimmie yer hours and ill try to stop by... what's the intersection near it?
you should come see me too
im still on the corner of pleasant hill and steve reynolds... 3-6:30 weekdays, and 10-6:30 weekends

did i tell anyone that i got a new car. 2005 kia spectra. 400 a month, blue, stick shift, 5 speed, manual everything, it has ac but no seat warmers like the saab but the saab was a piece of shit and it had so many things wrong with it ill tell more later on. it would have costed thousands to fix it and we owed thousands on it so we cut our losses and gave it to the kia dealer and bought a new car.

2005-09-30 03:44:56 ET

woah.. i dont recommend a person of your age getting a new car, the insurance will kill you!

but its all good. congratulations

its at the intersection of Mall blvd and pleasant hill, like where brusters and burger king is.

i work 10-5 monday thru friday.

my buddy kevin worked at ur car wash place, but he's with me at spirit now.

2005-11-16 13:25:45 ET

look! a day off ... sort of
not working today because i had an appointment and its slow today
so i was going to get on the computer and look for grants and loans for college but instead i did this...

great productivity skills

2005-11-16 13:27:22 ET

and you cant even read it....
it says 7 months and 1 day til my 18th birthday

2005-11-17 07:44:59 ET

yay! ya, im spossed to be working right now but im playing on the comp too.

2006-03-16 14:53:32 ET

I LOVE YOU FAITHY and i miss you
i could always count on you to understand my unusual ways and whenever i would vent about something i was angry about you would too. youre the best

2006-03-19 15:47:38 ET


2006-03-22 11:15:38 ET

i know im the best. i mean.. ya :-)! i love you too!

2006-05-12 22:03:54 ET

sorry klemmy
yes faithy brag all you want you should know that youre the best. hey look it's a picture of my ass this time instead of yours.... myn doesnt compare though ... nevermind has gone bigtime now and they changed everything. faithy how am i suposed to posts pictures in my posts now?????
<freaks out> the world is ending. aaaaaahhhhhh

2006-05-13 16:20:26 ET


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