2006-07-21 19:27:54 ET

Am I a moron for not going out tonight?

I feel sad. I don't think I would be much fun. I should be writing anyway. I'm so far behind, and my new play will probably benefit from real-life tears...at least until the revision process begins.

Still, I miss getting dressed for the night, and all the anticipation that comes at the beginning of a club night.

2006-07-21 23:33:42 ET

it's ok to relax every once in a while. it's all about variety. i enjoy a night in every once in a while myself. sometimes it's more relaxing. i hope you weren't too terribly bored.

2006-07-22 06:52:01 ET

Bored no. I ignored phone calls and text messages and read a book until I fell asleep. I feel so rested this morning.

2006-07-22 09:31:40 ET

now that's what i call good stuff. ^^

2006-07-22 13:15:48 ET

bunker's always fun...but no one says you have to go every week. then again, im there every week d-:

also, welcome to sk. you'll find its like crack except arguably healthier.

2006-07-22 23:19:42 ET

i stayed in too!

i miss u ponie boi

lets get toi this week and dance and sing at the table to make up for no bunking out!

ill sing u every greese two songs!!!!! u know u wanna!


2006-07-23 00:21:11 ET

Bless, it's a deal. Let's just pick a day. But I am going to hold you to the singing.

2006-07-23 17:20:52 ET

Welcome to Sk, deadponies I thought you looked familiar. O_o

2006-07-23 22:48:40 ET

haha i never said welcome! well, welcome. sorry...bit slow XD

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