first entry
2002-07-26 10:25:24 ET

ummm new to forum.. *scrapes boot against ground awkwardly*... i'm sitting at a cybercafe pretending to be jobhunting when really i'm nosing around in other people's lives on this website... they just filmed the 'today show" here like 10 minutes ago thats n.y, for you. im kind of scared because ive been offered a position with people working for me.... so does that raise me to the status of 'evil corporate genius' yet or what... but for now i'm just unemployed... and spent all morning playing quake tourney 3 waiting for phone calls.. unfortunately i dont have a connection yet so i was forced to play my computer.. and i hate it when something i bought outsmarts me.. bastards... i'm torn between going to a late night LAN party here and other obligations i have.. i may as well enjoy my last week as a free human being before corporate america eats my soul again.

::viva la doritos::

2002-07-26 10:34:19 ET

lawrence has like three cybercafes...topeka has none...topeka has no culture..i live in to subkultures, i'm jennifer, and i'll be your victim today..

2002-07-26 10:37:35 ET

welcome to subkultures doll. ^.^ .. LAN parties are sillie. :

2002-07-26 10:40:10 ET

hehe i'm lorraine and i'll be your server for today. Our drink specials are Red Devils and Coronas... also $2 bacardi silvers all night, free cd giveaways at the dj booth and dont forget to tip the coat check girl :P

2002-07-26 10:41:37 ET

hi new live in the city..thats so cool..i work in manhattan..cyber cafe on 42nd is the best..

2002-07-26 10:41:37 ET

awh hehe.
what about a dj n coke :

2002-07-26 10:42:30 ET

uh..i think i'll go for the bacardi silver...whatever that is..*ignorance from little girls*

2002-07-26 10:54:36 ET

likenoone else - that pic' of me thats my avatar was taken @easy everything on 42nd.. if thats what you mean... i'm a loyal web2zone fan, they're in cooper square by astor place... i live in brooklyn, its looking like i may end up working part time at greenpoint bank on 42nd st.. so thats not a bad commute, ive pulled worse

2002-07-26 11:02:00 ET


2002-07-26 11:06:51 ET

haha. Welcome.

2002-07-26 11:08:49 ET


2002-07-26 11:10:14 ET

okay i'm surrounded by maniacal laughter.. thats always good... either i accidentally walked into a supervillain board meeting or a nitrous factory...

2002-07-26 11:11:38 ET

nah just a mental hospital...

2002-07-26 11:12:17 ET

*deep breath* mwahahahaha!

2002-07-26 11:13:50 ET

:-) i was just humored by your comment about corporate america eating your soul.

2002-07-26 11:14:39 ET

Ha! this place is one big freak show.

2002-07-26 11:15:36 ET

Look at me. I'm a hug factory.


2002-07-26 11:16:25 ET

Look at me, I'm Jesus

2002-07-26 11:17:10 ET

its all about Jesus2 now.

2002-07-26 11:17:20 ET


2002-07-26 11:17:43 ET


2002-07-26 11:17:56 ET

i try to deal.. which brings me to my current promotion... RIVETCORP!!! for all those who doubt see my gallery! it *can* happen... plus we need money, the army navy stores arent getting any cheaper..

but basically what you have to do is to take an aesthetic/ image that has been forced upon you and twist it into your own. if anyone remembers that nickelodeon show Eureka's castle.. the character Batley (a bat) who would fly into things and proclaim "i *meant* to do that" .. wearing a tie always seems better when its your idea..

2002-07-26 11:18:51 ET

oh yeah and american psycho dont forget Patrick Bateman.

2002-07-26 11:19:09 ET


2002-07-26 11:19:11 ET

i remember Eureka's Castle! whoohoo! .

2002-07-26 11:19:24 ET


2002-07-26 11:19:44 ET


2002-07-26 11:20:56 ET

I remember that show with the dragon and all.In fact I thopught no one knew of that show.

2002-07-26 11:21:16 ET

man...i never had this many posts in my first journal entry..i had like three the first day and two the second day and none for a week and a half until i made some friends..lucky, lucky person..

2002-07-26 11:21:41 ET

*joins rivetcorp*
jesus2 is jesus's older brother

2002-07-26 11:23:04 ET

i tore 1 centimeter into the page of a bible in a motel room...i'm such a rebel..:-D

2002-07-26 11:23:50 ET

Oh yeah.

2002-07-26 11:24:26 ET

re: rivetcorp

I think we should focus on a set of manuals that show plans/ideas for making your own cool stuff and have tutorial articles on how to do it.

I guess I'm thinking more 'rivetcraftguild'..

2002-07-26 11:25:09 ET

haha jesus 2.0 sounds much better, that way you can update the version in increments, and for more advanced users, Jesus NT.

*there are many many tv shows which are imbedded into our subconscious but everyone thinks noone remembers. sometimes i think they're in my head but i know better. like jem and the holograms, belle and sebastian, cities of gold, the little prince.. hmn what else..

2002-07-26 11:26:20 ET

nono manuals are a good idea... Biomechanic is writing a manual on "how to fap" , whatever that is... i'm more focused on microsoft -like world domination though...

2002-07-26 11:33:39 ET

there's hundreds of fapage manuals out there. Some of them are very interesting.

2002-07-26 11:35:07 ET

bio? oh man..*shiver*

2002-07-26 11:35:20 ET

Thats true.Ooh Ooh world domination!

2002-07-26 11:37:34 ET

re: rivetcraftguild
here is the closest I come to global domination
I guess it's more like rivetundergroundsmallbusiness

except most of the other collaborators are hippies...

2002-07-26 11:45:15 ET

hmmn what is a "Noise Swash Atoner" , i wonder

2002-07-26 11:46:13 ET


2002-07-26 11:53:55 ET

huskarl - well all corporations and institutions, good, evil (or even chaotic neutral) start at grass roots level...

2002-07-26 12:00:18 ET

uhhh.. I say.. more nitrous for the factory. mos. def.

2002-07-26 12:02:41 ET

nice, nice.. i have an idea.. rivetcorp can manufacture drugs!!! yes, drugs!! consumer-grade pharmaceuticals... then we can expand vertically into Distribution... then i'll have a decent answer for my mom when she says "what is it you do again?"

2002-07-26 12:13:57 ET

consumer-grade pharmaceuticals sound niiiiiiice.

2002-07-26 12:29:42 ET


2002-07-26 13:40:47 ET

Welcome to SK, yo.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-07-26 13:52:19 ET

remember the bouncing buddy jesus obelisk? hahaha ;-P
rivetcorp rocks mein socks!

2002-07-26 14:10:19 ET

I is not writing a manual on fappage, y0.

Why don't you contribute to your little sisters deliquency by making her have the sexchat with me, yes? Good. Here is four dollars.

2002-07-26 14:18:09 ET

why hello, bio..uh oh, bad bad net drama..

*walks away calmly*

2002-07-26 18:26:43 ET

welcome welcome.
celeste has just commented on your page and you are now, by definition, cool.

2002-07-26 18:27:26 ET

what about me?

2002-07-27 10:18:33 ET

No cool for you!

2002-07-27 10:26:05 ET

Oh, thats sweet.

2002-07-27 11:30:07 ET


Me and Furax were in Brooklyn and there was a bouncing buddy Jesus obelisk, it was this italian catholic festival and there was this obelisk that was like 90 feet high.. and it had a band on various levels of it, and lawn gnomes!!! a fucking pillar of lawn gnomes!!! it was swimming - pool blue and there was a statue of Jesus on the top, and bounced up and down in time with the music!!! i think for the first time since living in new york i *wanted* a plane to crash into something!!!!!!!!

2002-07-27 11:31:11 ET

hehehe :-D
that was so great! i loved the whole catholic carnie carnage!

2002-07-27 11:31:14 ET

i wonder if jesus is copyrighted

2002-07-27 17:11:00 ET

Let's hope not, Keramik, or m0xie will boot my ass.

2002-07-27 19:30:37 ET

jesus is public domain... it's not like he could sue you from "imagination land" or wherever he lives

2002-07-27 22:39:56 ET

Hey, ummm, welcome and stuff
just thought I would throw in
my 2 cents

2002-07-28 15:20:49 ET

LOL imagination land thats great...

so jesus is public domain like the picture i'm using for my background (thanks yahoo free images).... thanks to everyone who'se welcomed me here though i feel all special.. almost like i'm on the short school bus again

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