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2002-10-14 14:07:53 ET

Edit (by Insomnia): DbD forgot to write DATES for the last post of meets. Digit will be here this Thurs 10/17. The bday LAN party is 10/23.

Bio showed up at WEb2Zone today 10/14 so this post is for him. ::smiles::

Back to your regularly scheduled DbD entries. . .

2002-10-14 14:10:01 ET

wow what an amazing post that was!!


2002-10-14 14:18:56 ET

23! That might be a bit odd.. coming home really late or just skip school.

i wanna kick some ass in online games

also make you people download ACTION which is better than counter-strike by a long shot.

2002-10-14 14:24:59 ET

I'm gonna try to push it earlier. After nine is cheaper though.

2002-10-14 14:26:35 ET

I'm willing to become a truant in exchange for multiplayer gaming.

2002-10-14 14:29:26 ET

now now we don't support truancy. we'll have to hold class right afterwards or something so you learn something.

2002-10-14 15:10:23 ET

i like playing the hooky!

2002-10-14 15:18:32 ET

Oh yeah and while I am at it Sat club night will most likely include a PRE-PARTY as will Nov. 2nd Haujobb/Hocico show at which PANZERMASCHINE will be in attendance (at least for the show) and hopefully SYKOSPARK.

Don't you wish you lived in New York? Hell yeah. . . I mean, those of you who don't . . .

2002-10-14 16:33:14 ET

Geeze, that last post was off the charts on the farce scale.

Oh man, lots of meets I guess.

2002-10-14 16:34:15 ET

NYC is a busy place!

2002-10-14 16:34:37 ET

When do we tell them these "meets" are actually orgies?? heh

2002-10-14 16:35:30 ET

don't make them any bigger.

2002-10-14 16:36:17 ET

why not? people should fly in from all over (like RIVERSIDE) to come to our meets...

2002-10-14 16:36:17 ET

When we can't get the stains out of our clothes.

2002-10-14 20:34:52 ET

oh man, ohhhh man...

2002-10-14 21:11:23 ET

NY orgy-fest is an ongoing event sponsered in part by insomnia and dbd ;-P

2002-10-15 12:34:24 ET

always glad to be of service

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