second set of pics from birthday RivetCorp.. Scroll down for the first set
2002-10-24 19:14:57 ET

this just goes to show that GEEKS ARE SEXY.

abuse is sexy too. especially when its done by a guy in a business suit.

when will the slickness end....

some pic's from the meeting. we had to do it old school dry erase marker style (no microsoft PowerPoint, sorry kids)

aaaaaaaaaaand i guess this means i am *officially* the CEO. oh, the responsibility...

2002-10-24 19:17:38 ET

looks like it must have been fun

2002-10-24 19:19:36 ET

I <3 IV.

2002-10-24 19:20:46 ET

yee haw!

haha love the expressions in the pic of 242 and insomnia

whee! i love these pictures...amusing how out of character it is...yet it seems fitting somehow...odd

2002-10-24 19:23:16 ET

Furax : you looked AMAZINGLY SUPER HOT.

>>>looks like it must have been fun

omg it was awesome

2002-10-24 19:25:27 ET

rivetcorp rules! who wouldn't want to be a part of it?

2002-10-24 19:27:38 ET

You mentioned rivetcorp on one of my posts awhile back, what exactly is it, or where can I go to find out about it? (hope I dont sound like a newbie too badly)

2002-10-24 19:27:39 ET

What is rivetcorp?

And why are you so hot? :-D

2002-10-24 19:41:27 ET

Happy Birthday

2002-10-24 20:12:32 ET

RIVETCORP is the best business to work for. Unfortunately, they only have a base in NYC, with hopes of expansion into NJ (despite the debate it will cause). You must listen to industrial, and you must wear a suit. You must be over 18 (or Bio or Venadium) and you must make lots of jokes about sex and violence. Mission statement forthcoming.

2002-10-24 20:17:57 ET

sounds like my kind of place! I just wish I lived closer

2002-10-24 21:19:14 ET

That does it!! I'm going to NYC! I want to work for RivetCorp. I'l send in my resume and I'll transfer way te fuck up there. *sighs* Money...where can I find that? Transfering everything from FL to NYC. Give me a few years.. I'll be there.

2002-10-24 21:23:32 ET

Hey if our CEO can do it, you can. She came from Florida. I came from CA. It's worth it.

2002-10-24 21:26:44 ET

perhaps after Im done with college Ill move out in that direction

2002-10-25 00:23:14 ET

Yeah I have a sad story though. I'm a broke ass 20 year old college student, but I'll be sure to visit though. Perhaps in two years I'll be there working with you guys.

2002-10-25 00:25:51 ET

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEATH BY DESIGN!! Sorry I forgot to tell you that. For some reason I was too distracted with the pictures and didn't even take in my head that it wa syour birthday.

2002-10-25 02:26:20 ET

Happy Birthday

2002-10-25 11:37:33 ET

damn.. that looked like fun.

i'd be the only one dress up in a light green shirt with a dark green tie that is too short (military)

I'll make it to te next non-clubbing event.

2002-10-25 11:39:03 ET

Next non-clubbing event. . . uh. .. um. .. tonight my work is having a LAN thing. Next is Hocico show. . . uh. . . Venadium's bday? Oh maybe we'll do something for Thanksgiving.

2002-10-25 19:21:50 ET

Im becoming a fan of this rivetcorp... Nice pics and happy B-day!

-The Joker

2002-10-25 19:22:35 ET

::points at INCORRECT age in Bio::

2002-10-26 08:51:49 ET

i'm gonna start a chicago rivetcorp chapter, with you permission of course. it will be comprised soley of... myself. heh.
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