2002-10-28 16:59:14 ET

Thriller39 dbd/insomnia: i want you
Thriller39: get over here
Magot Eyes: thank you baby
Thriller39: yooou dress up like red robot and come feel my man-boobs
Magot Eyes: hahha
Magot Eyes: shut up.. you drunk manchild
Thriller39: my man love has no date of expiration
Magot Eyes: i luvs you
Thriller39: do you love my arse
Magot Eyes: yes, i luv it
Thriller39: oh man
Thriller39: tell me, no .. wait.. show me how much you luv it
Magot Eyes: I luv you.
Thriller39: you - you go to jail for kidtouching
Magot Eyes: WHAT?!

Thriller39dbd: gay
Anima Neglect: <gay>biomechanic</gay>
Thriller39: a href = "
Anima Neglect: a deutsche link no less
Thriller39: its because of my efficient german sex0r
Anima Neglect: find any ho's yet?
Thriller39: only digit
Anima Neglect: oooo! i'm telling furax!
Thriller39: he's going bed hopping in new york next week, i hear
Thriller39: have to go
Anima Neglect: ok
Thriller39: /gay
Anima Neglect: stay black

2002-10-28 17:01:05 ET

haha "close gay" freaks! :-P

2002-10-28 17:01:50 ET

I fuck you.

2002-10-28 17:07:26 ET

your daughter...she kicked my dog!

2002-10-28 17:30:54 ET

With all this Hacking going on... nobody thought to message me? You are bastards.

2002-10-28 18:11:14 ET

we did... but you (luckily?) weren't part of this weekend's gayness so we didn't know what to pester you about...

2002-10-28 18:28:22 ET

I am unpesterable.

2002-10-28 18:31:35 ET

ha! i reveal nothing!
who's magot eyes?

2002-10-28 18:32:59 ET

magot eyes = arsenic
wish i coulda pasted the link... ::pukes::

2002-10-28 18:39:16 ET

death by design
<name> lorraine
<age> 19 <-- WRONG!

2002-10-28 19:58:32 ET

bio tried to date rape me shortly after that:

2002-10-29 16:50:30 ET

if it wasnt for date rape i'd never get laid

WOW venadium thanks for pointing that out..
i think i just wont have my age on my page anymore

2002-10-29 17:02:28 ET

wow was that a sublime lyric i just read?

2002-10-29 17:19:26 ET

:laughing:choking:falling on floor:dying of asphixiation:dead:

2002-10-29 18:16:25 ET

no. no it wasnt. you will NOT tell the rivet police on me.

2002-10-29 18:31:28 ET

tell the rivet police what? *wink wink*

2002-10-29 18:37:34 ET

i have yet to figure out the alliance between the Rivet Police and the AEAS and RivetCorp... i dont know who to trust anymore

2002-10-29 18:38:24 ET

only me. no one else.

2002-10-29 18:42:48 ET

ah! ah! lies!
trust no one:

2002-10-29 18:44:29 ET

i am quite trustable

2002-10-29 18:46:37 ET

you are.. too trustable

2002-10-29 18:48:33 ET

scary isn't it? (o_O)

2002-10-29 19:35:37 ET

cant rape the willing... ;-)

2002-10-30 04:49:30 ET

trust no one:

2002-10-30 08:54:49 ET

You're all scaring me shitless.

2002-10-30 08:58:45 ET

trust no one:

2002-10-30 11:18:27 ET

trust no one.

I mean.
trust no one:

2002-11-01 11:48:00 ET

i trust your mom:

2002-11-02 07:38:22 ET

my mom's nice.

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