2002-11-30 16:16:24 ET

i hacked dbd

2002-11-30 16:21:47 ET


2002-11-30 16:22:34 ET

GAH. You bastard, I thought she was REALLY on.

2002-11-30 16:36:52 ET

stop it!

you lack discipline!

i'm a cop you idiot.

2002-11-30 16:46:22 ET

stop it!
i'm a cop you idiot.

That was the worst Ahnold I've ever heard.

2002-11-30 16:53:28 ET

howdy stranger

2002-11-30 17:25:45 ET

"Well I hope you saved room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach!"
Classic Ah-nie. :D

2002-11-30 17:29:34 ET

You know you're my dream girl.
Let me talk to your mother.

Come on, don't bullshit me.

2002-11-30 17:47:43 ET

Fah-ck you.
Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

2002-11-30 18:31:27 ET

You fucking wish you could get as many responses as you get when you hack people BIO...

2002-11-30 18:35:49 ET

Ooh hack me hack me!

2002-11-30 18:38:23 ET

SK hacking =
"Oops, I forgot to log off... Goddamnit Bio get off my account!"

2002-11-30 18:40:38 ET

LMAO... does that mean i hacked myself?

2002-11-30 18:41:00 ET


2002-11-30 18:41:28 ET

Gryphin: Yes, you're just more subtle than Bio. ;)

2002-11-30 18:44:06 ET

so... i hack myself all the time?
no wonder i need contacts.

2002-11-30 18:48:53 ET

Well, that depends. Do you check "Always Remain Logged In" even on computers that are used by more than one person? ;)

2002-11-30 18:53:16 ET

ummm nope.
only at home, and only on my account at home.
(i have mine set to 3 users)

*lame joke
does hacking too much cause blindness?

2002-11-30 18:55:04 ET

If hacking = whacking - w, then yes, or that's what Adam Sandler's grandma says.

2002-11-30 19:33:39 ET

Don't be ridiculous.

2002-11-30 19:37:36 ET

It would explain my nearsightedness.

2002-11-30 19:38:45 ET

I am nearsighted in my left eye and farsighted in the right. Explain THAT! :D

2002-11-30 19:40:02 ET

You must get very dizzy... Or does it help you to overcome one-eye dominance? I figure you can switch back and forth for near/far tasks...

2002-11-30 19:41:54 ET

Actually, I wear glasses. :P

2002-11-30 19:42:27 ET

"How Do You Eat Your Cthulu?"

2002-11-30 19:44:08 ET

Sliced thinly, on a pile of rice, wrapped in seaweed, soaked in soysauce.

2002-11-30 21:55:37 ET

bio is a total farce

2002-12-01 02:51:07 ET

*explodes* you're all being very silly.

2002-12-01 05:27:00 ET

Where did this whole "______ is a farce" thing come about, anyway?

2002-12-01 08:14:17 ET

Ask that farcical nightmare, Bio.

2002-12-01 08:43:28 ET

It started when I said, "Man, that kid Faint is a total farce."

2002-12-01 10:32:53 ET

That quote is a farce!

2002-12-01 10:42:45 ET

Stalkers are a farce too.

2002-12-01 10:52:07 ET

That quote is the ultimate in truth.

2002-12-01 11:24:00 ET

This farce is a travesty; it's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham. I move for a mistrial.

2002-12-01 13:29:40 ET

i hacked myself again!

2002-12-02 00:24:56 ET

Oh someone have mercy and close this thread already.

2002-12-02 02:15:08 ET

That request was a farce! (I'm getting the hang of it. Yay!)

2002-12-02 04:46:01 ET

We are the keepers of the sacred words:
Beware those who would wield them without initiation.

2002-12-02 05:08:54 ET

Oh no! She's uttered the words!!!!


2002-12-02 08:07:23 ET

What kind of world is it where we can go around saying FARCE to that stalker?!

2002-12-02 10:34:32 ET

... they come in all shapes, doktor242.

Storm: That list of words is a nightmare.

2002-12-02 10:41:03 ET

sing along to the tune of pod...

we are - we are...
youth of a NOG-ation

oh boy.. i should get out more.

2002-12-02 11:20:56 ET

Who's the stalker?

2002-12-02 11:25:51 ET

It's your credo, Bio.
Learn to love.

2002-12-02 11:35:40 ET

Bio = stalker? I thought Bio = h4x0r.

2002-12-02 11:40:54 ET

I'm the stalker.

2002-12-02 11:41:25 ET

I'm not even going to DIGNIFY that Faint...

2002-12-02 11:47:10 ET

I didn't say hacker, I said h4x0r. Big difference.

STORM: I don't know what's going on.

2002-12-02 11:47:53 ET

i see the stalker in your face
the evil in your something
i something something that you something
that something that you want

2002-12-02 11:49:15 ET

Yes. That's so. ::NOD::

2002-12-02 11:50:42 ET

You see the stalker in whose FARCE?

2002-12-02 11:52:39 ET


2002-12-02 11:54:45 ET

i dunno.


2002-12-02 11:57:45 ET

Bio... ::hugs::
I want a picture with YOU like that. :)

2002-12-02 12:03:24 ET

awww, dad. :]
like sleepy PATH train storm.

2002-12-02 12:04:51 ET

:X indeed.

2002-12-02 12:05:46 ET

That's a limited edition model, Bio.
:) You're my favorite daughter.

2002-12-02 14:56:49 ET

eeep. Madness comes around..

2002-12-03 08:23:13 ET

[tacos are a farce]

2002-12-03 09:00:41 ET

Hey that picture reminds me.

<offical voice>
Applications for DbD-love are no longer being accepted. Those of you who turned in applications, I promise to hold onto them in the event that a position opens up. Those of you who didn't, use this time wisely, work on your portfolio, and shut the fuck up till further notice.

Anyone who disobeys will be beaten by Storm. Anyone who disobeys who gets excited by the idea of being beaten by Storm will *not* be beaten by Storm but will have to live forever with the thought of that they could have if they could have just contained themselves. They will then be molested by Bio.
</official voice>

2002-12-03 09:25:15 ET

what happens if they get excited at being molested by bio?
then do we just knock 'em in the knee caps ala tonya harding?

2002-12-03 10:32:35 ET

Everyone gets excited about being molested by bio.

2002-12-03 11:58:23 ET

Not to slight Bio's sexiness or anything, but I doubt the specific people who will be applying for DbD-love will be excited about being molested by Bio. I know my target market.

If anyone wants to apply for Bio-love, just send the app along. I'll give you a hint though, it's a lot easier process. . .

2002-12-03 13:54:09 ET

I have standards. :[

2002-12-03 14:02:47 ET

::Applies for Bio-Lovin'::

2002-12-03 15:31:54 ET

bio = easier then easy ;-P

2002-12-03 15:36:16 ET

Not true. :[

2002-12-03 17:39:23 ET

True. You said I could beat you anytime I wanted.
= easy.

2002-12-04 03:04:35 ET

Nod, but you passed the rigorous examination process!

2002-12-04 08:27:45 ET

Wow Thermo, congrats on being first in line!

So, do you own any vinyl dresses?

2002-12-04 11:50:42 ET


2002-12-06 22:56:28 ET

this is the greatest thread, ever.

2002-12-13 06:39:38 ET


YOU MUST READ THAT... hahahahaha!!!

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