now what?
2003-02-03 11:19:38 ET


clo·sure (klzhr) n.

1. The act of closing or the state of being closed: closure of an incision.
2. Something that closes or shuts.
3. A bringing to an end; a conclusion: finally brought the project to closure.
5. The property of being mathematically closed.


in other news::

thanks to all who came out to cross platform this week. (closure def. is not in reference to CP/DM.. thats about something else entirely. CP/DM will continue until the ridiculous bartab and over 21 policy @ pyramid, among other things, puts an end to us.) special thanks to Wintermute,Storm,Furax, Anima Infirmary, and Biomechanic for keeping myself and Doktor242 company as we hid behind an iBook playing stuff you usually won't hear outside of our mp3 collection.

more details later as i am (finally) changing my operating system from windowsME. i expect this to be an all day project.

2003-02-03 11:28:51 ET

What OS are you going to?

2003-02-03 11:31:56 ET

I think she's moving to either XP or win2k. I told her ot go to XP because it's got really good multithreading, but we'll see.

unfortunately, other than GDAM, there's not a lot of audio software for *nix (with Mac OS X being the exception, of course).

2003-02-03 11:49:08 ET


2003-02-03 11:51:53 ET

make sure you get drivers for EVERYTHING first then, Win2k is very unforgiving about that sort of thing... you might find yourself unable to go online to get the driver you need after the upgrade.

2003-02-03 11:59:02 ET

yeah and i have to un-install Norton too.. or i'm 'fucked, just fucked...'

what will i need drivers for? can i put them in one directory and then burn a CD? how does this work ?

2003-02-03 12:07:04 ET

Someone get the hell over there and help her do this please. thanks. ;-)

2003-02-03 12:12:06 ET

go to and download EVERYTHING for win2k fo your model of machine.

2003-02-03 12:13:43 ET

god i am so scared

this is going to be a disaster

i think i'm going to sleep instead

2003-02-03 12:17:37 ET

eek! I remember my recent reformatting/backing up of my harddrive. it took me a couple of days but when the smoke cleared, i had a nice dual booting powerbook ready to go.

i say just scrap your pc and get a mac ;) (jk)

2003-02-03 12:20:25 ET

Win2K is nice. It is easy to install, after you get it on go to M$ and get the latest even number patch. (don't use odd number patches--personal superstition) You should be fine.

2003-02-03 12:30:36 ET

I'd go to sleep.

2003-02-03 14:47:00 ET

i love it when you link me :-P

2003-02-03 15:23:42 ET

praveen, you do not understand the depths of hatred she has for the mac....
She had to use my iBook to DJ on saturday, and it almost made her cry.
Years of bad Windows habits are hard to erase.

you're running dualboot poweerbook? what kind? What OSs?
I'm running OS X 10.2.3 and OS 9.2.2 on my 700mhz iBook 14"


2003-02-03 19:54:12 ET

Same exact setup, cept on a 667 powerbook :) You guys used traktor on sat?

2003-02-03 20:01:59 ET

Yeah, we used the Traktor 2 beta version, as I couldn't find a legit copy to buy ANYWHERE in the city, and I can't find a no cd crack. For a beta, it's pretty sweet... we had a few minor glitches, but on the whole it worked really well.

I'm considering selling my iBook to a friend and grabbing the new 12" powerbook; that was really what I was looking for all along.

I'm actually considering running carbon copy cloner to clone my OS X partition onto an external Firewire, and then going back to a single partition. I've booted into OS 9 exactly twice in the past 3 months. I wish Propellerheads would get on the ball and release ReCycle for OS X. That's the only OS 9 app I haven't replaced yet.

2003-02-04 00:09:27 ET

Hmm. I'm glad you've reached closure, hon.. Nothing like catharsis to get you moving on..

Uhm, Dok, DbD, you wanna share your playlist with those unfortunate enough to be continents away..?

2003-02-04 09:16:22 ET


2003-02-04 10:52:27 ET

Mac is the only thing saving us from M$
I wish Mac would put up more of a fight, maybe then my windows box would stop crashing.

2003-02-04 10:53:44 ET

i want a third party candidate

2003-02-04 10:54:26 ET


2003-02-04 13:35:06 ET

OS X = built on the BSD kernel.

<3 bsd.

poor dbd... she has to come back and find this geekery in her thread.

2003-02-04 14:09:20 ET

BSD? you mean bdsm? *confused*

2003-02-04 14:33:18 ET

i like both.

2003-02-04 14:48:42 ET

but both at the same time??
you ever have your computer beat you?

2003-02-04 15:13:15 ET

no just beat off to the comp. ha! :-X

2003-02-04 23:14:05 ET

*cry* I'm being ignored.

2003-02-05 00:42:00 ET

playlists are up (except DbD's, she lost hers)

2003-02-05 00:50:57 ET

OOoo that's one fucked up playlist. I'm impressed. I don't even know half of that shit!

2003-02-05 09:39:48 ET

don't feel bad dbd, i'm just as lost you are, i missed out on the computer geekery of most unpopular middle school boys

2003-02-05 10:06:48 ET

hey i was a popular geek, sucka ;)

2003-02-05 11:53:56 ET

yeah but i came from a small aggie town. you can't even imagine the terror i felt when i used to see a pickup truck packed with rednecks squeeling around the corner intent on hurting me in really uncreative ways

2003-02-05 12:06:41 ET

jeeze sounds traumatic. sorry. and i thought jock scholars were bad ;)

2003-02-05 12:11:38 ET

it's traumatic until you figure out that a baseball bat is a good companion

2003-02-05 16:03:32 ET


2003-02-05 21:21:39 ET

automata: what's an aggie?

2003-02-06 03:43:04 ET

roni size! woohoo

2003-02-06 04:28:48 ET

Oooo Roni Size ist kreig.

2003-02-06 12:00:36 ET

an aggie is a redneck who's parents/they are in the agricultural industry, i used to live in delaware, lower delaware at that, which is a real agricultural place (ie:nothing to do but go cowtipping and get drunk)

2003-02-06 12:59:43 ET

agricultural industry?

almost sounds like an oxymoron.


2003-02-07 06:40:19 ET

i heard that almost every day of my life when i was in DE, i've been desensitized and can no longer snicker plus i have known a couple kids who thought they were "cool" because they wore all black, this included their mesh-back caps of course, i shit you not

2003-02-07 16:37:49 ET

that's just wrong, man.

I'm glad you're out of there. I have a strange feeling you never want to go back.

2003-02-07 18:51:45 ET

i miss my friends, but i definitely don't miss the area

2003-02-07 18:59:21 ET

Nothing to do but cow tipping? what? about 20%?

2003-02-07 19:24:46 ET


2003-02-07 19:29:32 ET

3 pointer

2003-02-08 17:41:30 ET

20%? whu?

2003-02-08 23:15:55 ET

well, if you were going to tip a cow, what percentage would you give him?

2003-02-09 04:23:24 ET

City boy.

Cows round here are girls. :P

2003-02-09 12:50:09 ET

the only interaction i ever have with cows involves a fork, a knife and plenty of A1 sauce.

2003-02-09 12:54:50 ET

ice cream

2003-02-10 06:38:18 ET

dok: i'm the exact same way nowadays, i haven't seen a cow mooing in 2 years since i moved, they just lay nice and quiet on my plate

2003-02-10 06:45:11 ET


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