oh man no internet for a week..... DAMN!!!
2003-12-19 15:52:20 ET

yeah so some stuff has happened in the week that we were

out of internet so last fryday my bro had a party it was

hella sick it was just hella fun... i saw a guy there named

steve you know the one taht hella fucked with my head well

hes got a new girlfriend now and hes still and asshole and

then later that night my brother go into a fight with is ex-

g/f's new b/f because he broke my bros camera on purpose

and so they fought and my bro got his lip all fucked up and

then next night on saturday i went with him to the ER so

they could look at that shit and we were there till like 5

in the morning it was gay but so then oh ive been doing

better in school and stuff ive been doing my homework so

thats good and thats pretty much it ive just been chillin

getting my shit together oh yeah on tuesday night my bro

did another stupid thing he was boxing with his friends and

he broke his ankle hes such a little bitch all hes been

doing is trashing the house and i have to clean that shit

up and he makes me do hella shit for him he wines all the

time and shit uhh hes so annoying i had to stay up hella

late just so i could run outside and give something to his

friend cause he couldnt get up off the couch and do it

himself it was hella gay but yeah today school finally got

out for christmas break and its sick cause even though im

grounded my moms gonna let me go see my grandparents in

fresno which is sick cause that means i get to party with

sophie for a week so thats chill but yeah so tomarrow

sophies having he 18th b-day bash which is gonna be hella

sick but i cant go cause im grounded and my moms still

kinna being a cunt but anyways oh well hopefully ill at

least get to kick it with her on new years eve but yeah

this next week is gonna be hella lame im not gonna be able

to do shit its so fucking gay uhh i wish i hadnt go into

trouble i always manage to do this right before a break


2003-12-11 17:09:10 ET

You are a.. PUNK! You live your life drinking,
goin' to shows, and supporting local bands. You
are heavily anti-society and practcially anti-
everything. You may have a mohawk and you may
not, but your angry additude is visible
regardless if you look the part or not.

The Subculture Label Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

As if i needed something else to piss me off
2003-12-11 14:32:13 ET

damn today started out as a pretty alright day till i went

to work and found out that i got two checks which basically

means that i got fired such bullshit fuck longs.... but

anyways im not to pissed about it i mean they did give me 4

days to get over i knew this shit was gonna happen it just

sucks cause i hella need a job right now and its just

fucked up that i lost it but anyways so im trying to keep

my mind off of it but right now im trying to convince my

mom to let me go to this christmas party shes suppose to go

to and she said i could but i dont wanna go alone i wanna

bring a date with me but this is all the way in foster city

and like thats near sf and she has a hotel room and stuff

and like i really wanna go hella bad but i know that if i

bring a date i cant go cause we wont have a way to get back

down so its hella gay and i hella wanted to bring my buddy

but oh well.....


2003-12-09 20:57:15 ET

Sup Josh? Gimme two packs of cigarettes today. Working

overtime. Sixteen hours. ...And uh, nature's nectar, wake-

up juice. And gimme like, 6 of these beef jerkys... hungry

enough to chew the crotch out of a rag doll.

Hey. Hey, you. How many times I tell you, no shirt, no

service. Get the hell out of my store. What do you think

this is, Club Med?

It's America dude, learn the rules.

No, no. You learn the rules. We Greeks invented democracy.

You also invented homos.

Fuck You.

You wish. You gotta buy me dinner first.


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