almost got the boot
2003-07-18 19:59:07 ET

well boys and girls it seems that i have fucked up yet again i came home hella late and kinna smashed and i started yelling at my mom and the next day she said that she had had enough of me and my attitude so she said that i was getting kicked out and then i almost got kick out of summer school too causei have 3 abcense and thats the limit but it turns out that then they called that it was just a warning that i might get kicked out if i miss another day so that was chill but yeah then i calmed my mom down and we came to an agreement and she decided to give me one more chance but i promised that if i fuck up again that she can send me to my dads with no more chances and no questions about it so im really going to try and change cause i hella do not want to live with my dad and that nasty house that he lives in i mean i love my dad but i do not like his life style so i mean i respect my mom for wanted to kick me out cause i understand that but i dunno im really thankful that she didnt cause she was acctually hella close this time usually she just threatens me about it but this time she was hella heated about it

hmm interesting day
2003-07-15 20:28:04 ET

so today i went back to summer school i didnt go yesterday because i need to catch up on my sleep so i figured stay home and sleep cause its better than sleeping in class but anyways today was alright me and wishcracks took the bus to my house and i showed her the new shit that i got and we watched the free epitaph dvd sampler thing that i got with my epitaph bag and she liked it even thought shes not into that kind of music but she still liked it which was cool but yeah then i called up that hoe lanell and she came by ans swooped us up we didnt really have anything to do so i suggested lets go to the mall cause i needed new underware and i had money burning a hole in my pocket so we did that and i got 3pairs of the same underware but blue, black, and pink for 3.49 which was hella cool and then i got some lime cocoanut lotion for 10.00 which smells hella good and then i blew the rest of my money getting all you can eat good food at fresh-choice i love that place its so good and then we took cracky home and i called chris and we went and hung out with him and damien for a while and then me and damien got into are bitch slapping fights like we always do and we swung me upside down and my bra started showing and chris just stood and watched but i thought it was kinna funny oh yea i forgot i saw my friend melonie, tony and josh they were with some chick i didnt get introduced too but anyways that was pretty much my day and well as it ends it will end with the burning of a cd and if your curious to know who its BLITZ.

warped tour
2003-07-14 18:33:03 ET

this weekend was hella fun i wish that i could put my pictures up but i dont have a scanner so i cant which sucks ass but anyways so fryday after i got off of work my mom gave me a ride to san francisco so i could stay at my friends hotel well anyways we were waiting for some of her friends to show up from fresno and like we just chilled in her hotel room watching the pianist which was a pretty good movie and then they called and we went to meet her friend willow that lives in sf and then we met up with the rest of the boys we then went back to willows house and partied and everything was all good and fun and the next day i called up my friend lanell to see if she was still going to go to warped tour and then she drove up and we were off it was acctually pretty fun i only saw dropkick murphys a little of the unseen and rancid but thats all i really wanted to see i wanted to see the suicide machines but after seeing rancid and getting stuck between two really fat people i just wanted to sleep it was cool though i go to fucking burned and like everyone else did to which sucked but it was chill i had a fun day and then after we left warped we went back to sophies hotel room and chilled there i took a little nap and then we went to get some food which i had been craving for days and then we made our journey to willows we again hung out their and partied some more then sophie wasnt feeling good so justin and drew took her back to the hotel and i stayed and hung out with willow, tessa, rio, beu, marcel, turbo, candice, and matt and then me willow and rio went outside and chilled their and later me,beu and willow made a journey so beu could get some food and me and willow got some other stuff and we ran into some transvestit prostetuits which was really nasty but one of them called me beautiful which was cool but funny and that was pretty much it and then the next day me sophie and her dad went to the museum and i came home and that was it it was hella funn

4th of july
2003-07-10 16:15:59 ET

damn the 4th was so much funn the santa cruz guys came up and spent it with us we hung out with my friends neighbors from downstairs and we did a lot of stuff which i cannot mention on here which sucks but its chill cause i think you guys must all get what im talking about but anyways hope you enjoi this

One sunny day I was riding my bike and smoking a joint coz that's what I like,
a policeman stopped me and began to stare and he said hey sonny what you smoking there ?

I said it's a reefer do you want some policeman ?
It's a reefer do you want a blast ?
It's a reefer do you want some policeman or would you prefer me to shove it up your ass ?

Well he put me in his car and he left my bike and took my reefer which he quite liked,
We got to the station and his eyes were all red and the Seargent said, constable your outta your head,

He said yeah it's a reefer do you want some Seargent?
It's a reefer do you want a blast ?
It's a reefer do you want some Seargent or would you prefer me to shove it up your ass ?

Well he suspended the constable for his little joke and he went to the bathroom to have a little toke,
when he got back and rolled another 8 and they were being past round every copper in the place,

Well I sold to ounces and 1/16th and they had rolled the biggest joint that world has ever seen,

and they all sang together
It's a reefer do you want some mindless ?
It's a reefer do you want a blast ?
It's a reefer do you want some mindless ?
Thanks for your company and thanks for the grass.

hopefully i wont get kicked off for this but they are lyrics

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