i'm so bored....    2005-11-29 07:18:43 ET
that pretty much sums it up...i wish i were home right now.

 =.(    2005-11-23 07:12:15 ET

 well i'm back at work now...    2005-11-09 07:17:10 ET
work is the only place i have internet at right now, and just so you guys know i'm just now getting over strep throat...and i'll tell you this, if you ever get it....rip your throat out, it'll feel a whole lot better than keeping strep.

 In response.    2005-11-02 09:52:10 ET
you can't see when it's dark....i think we all know that. it's pretty much a given and the reason i left was because 'the woman' as someone calls her, was getting sick, not because i was mad, yes i was mad, and i couldn't see the fire because it hadn't even started yet, until me and 'the woman' got down there, so in turn, i left, because if i continued to stay there while 'the woman' was sick, and while i was mad, not only would i have been miserable, but 'the woman' would have been too. who'da thought. no one said how to open the gate, instead i had to feel around and figure it out. and while it's not your fault while i didn't come up there, you should've checked instead of going up anyway. the reason kelly and whats his face didn't have a problem was because the fire already started when they got there, i saw no fire whatso ever just a flashlight that craig got around to us when we finally got down to the fire....when it started. and another thing is when someone is too stubborn to return phone calls they don't hear is one thing, when someone is not wanting to return a call because of knowing a bitching is coming for some stupid reason is another, just like the game the other night, 'you' got mad because of my reason to leave...why is that a reason to get mad? i see no reason, if i want to leave because i have stuff to do...why get mad? just say, ok, see you later. that's all. no offense or anything bad is meant by this just showing my side of the story.

 I'M FINALLY OUT!    2005-10-24 09:40:10 ET
of the house, i got an apartment this weekend hurrah for me and amy!

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