V7X8F22    2004-11-22 16:07:26 ET
weekend was cool, bought this sick-ass retractable combat knife in the city, it top's all the swiss's i own, but the city trip was kinda lame, i mean, the rain, they closed this vender thingy we were supposed to go to in union square,
i can look foward to this week, only three days of work, then on friday, im 18, cant wait for my B-day
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     2004-11-17 18:15:42 ET
the first signs of moving are stating to show up in my house, stuff is being put away, and my father is fixin up all the rooms, it sux, i must leave the house i have been in since i was three, to move down to florida,
(god's waiting room) there i will attend college, i look to persue a life of law, i want to major in criminal law, and forensics, and hopefully some day become a detective...how i will miss new york
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     2004-11-16 13:44:46 ET
well, the handing over of SK, i for one am pissed to see it fall into the hands of the likely candidate..oh well, i got hope, i mean hey...bush won

 Kill avril    2004-11-08 15:13:17 ET
i should trick George W. Bush into thinking that Avril Lavigne is some sort of a terrorist group, and have her killed

btw, im pro-bush, so if u think this is bashing him in any way,
go fuck yourself...i cant say it any more plain than that

     2004-11-08 13:28:17 ET
i've come to the conclusion that the average adult has nothing but work, my life, on the approach of 18, is slipping into that phase

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