bad luck    2004-11-06 11:44:03 ET
well, as a guitarist a minor hand injury can be bad, i just recently broke my middle finger on my picking hand, and at work, had a nail go into my fretting hands ring finger, it sucks, it really hurts to play
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     2004-11-06 01:50:29 ET
oh man, its ben a long time since i last posted, there hasnt been much to say, life has been as, work, work, im starting to lose my minnd, this adult thing isnt gonna be fun, too much to worry about.
well in recent news, (alot of ya will be pissed about this) bush won, well the only thing i can see that will come out of this is, MY PREDICTION

1- Iraq- done
2- Korea- done
3- France- still hating us, despite the fact we backed em out of two wars
4- Saudi Arabia- belived to e holding weapons mass destruction
5- Gas- 27.50 a gallon

Changing the subject, i know some people here like Halo, well, i tell ya, the day is nearing for the coming of the second, in fact its this tuesday the 9th, so close and yet so far, if you people are into airplane combat games, ace combat 5 is some good shit,

 sacajewea dollar?    2004-10-03 16:04:02 ET
the day started out with me getting a new phone and then i went to the city with my friends burns and ron, we strolled around chinatown, actually something cought our attention on a sidestreet market, it was a box, a styrofoam box, that was moving, kicking back and forth, mysteriously, it didnt stop, this was a store that also had two garbage pails full of frogs in front of it(live)...and some fish in which the hands of many old chinese women had touched...i then commented on the box, in front of the store clerk i had said, "wonder whats in there?---must be a small child", he then gave me this look that bruce lee gives a guy before he wants to kill him, and we walked away with burns and me histerical laugin, and ron left clueless as to what was said...

we came across an army navy store that had some cool shit in it, i bout a bullet keychain, the type that are fired out of an M-16, they had some cool shit in there like knives and dud grenades...

later, after searching through various stores, we came across a female bum on 23rd street,


"i went to relations school for four years just to prove to those bastards that i aint a communist or whaaaaaa eerrrrr, not a communist!"

we then proceeded to throw things at her and even got a photo op with the boys....

sunday was cool, the jets won and are 3-0

 city slickers    2004-09-28 17:46:03 ET
goin to the city on saturday, goin to guitar center, the vigin megastore, china town and the grenwich village, any one got any suggestions on other cool places to be, just tell me
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 there we is    2004-09-28 14:22:45 ET

thats me, tetesuro, and matt

you can find it on

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