2004-02-24 19:14:29 ET










Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!

this makes things so much simpler.....and yes, i really am that clean, for gawdsakes im gay....

hmmm, today just got better.....
2004-02-24 19:01:49 ET

yesterday sucked......i was told i had to get a flatmate because we have a new group of guys coming in and they need the room:( but it got a hell of alot better after I made a few phone calls....I found out I'm moving in with ::drumroll:: this guy;


and the best part is the boi "loves everyone ::cough::cough::wink::" the military is promoting the one thing they dont want to have in it....and they dont even know it......heehee...im gonna have fun....

do i stay like this?
2004-02-23 01:09:26 ET

god....everyday just seems to get worse...I mean i didnt have a bad day at work, i was actually productive and active...but yet at the end of the day i just went home to my room and sat there and looked around.

it felt so empty and cold, almost lonely...and of course, me thinking again didnt help (goddamn i need to stop this thinking crap...). I actually sat there and did something i havent for quite a while. I sat there and cried silent tears...I sat there and realized i have become just as my room...lonely, empty. For everthing I have and have worked for in these last two years, it just came crashing down in my mind. Two years ago i was a scared little boy who had no clue what be and expect for the next day, and nothing has changed.

There was a qoute I saw in one of the offices today, "I live by who I am, for that is all I know." The thing I fear now is that I dont know who i am anymore...

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