2006-08-06 16:34:57 ET

new here. it seemed interesting and i am in great need to have contact with people who have something more to offer than desperate pleas for n00dz.

so how are all of you?

2006-08-06 16:59:29 ET


2006-08-06 17:23:36 ET

welcome to sk.
more addictive than pixi stix.

2006-08-06 17:34:15 ET

Welcome! The van will be here soon.

2006-08-06 17:55:03 ET

Welcome, stranger.

2006-08-06 18:12:22 ET

welcome to SK!
i represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild.

2006-08-06 18:31:44 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2006-08-06 20:27:43 ET

Beware of the van. It brings great pain.


2006-08-06 20:42:38 ET

and by pain, we mean.... candy. Like pixi stix. :op

2006-08-06 23:02:03 ET

Wow another new victim!
*hands you a blue pixi stick*
you'll be wanting that later

anywho welcome to SK!
woooo hooooo I think I had one too many codines today people!!!!!!!!!

2006-08-07 05:16:39 ET

welcome to SK!

2006-08-07 09:00:04 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

We'll take the n00dz there.

2006-08-07 13:28:57 ET

Welcome to SK!
Tuck in your elbows.

2006-08-07 16:03:11 ET

Well hello.


2006-08-14 22:36:10 ET

late welcome!

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