causality cuases problems...
2005-09-04 20:17:12 ET

I just watched a movie titled 'Primer' got some good conversation going about time travel. What would you do? rules are you can't go back before you trun the machine on, your past self will exist there untill they get in the machine, can't fit much more than just youself.

2005-09-05 08:00:22 ET

Do you recommend it?

2005-09-05 15:49:15 ET

time travel? why yes, if you have the resources

2005-09-05 18:50:02 ET

one word.

2005-09-05 20:25:30 ET

i guess ill stay away from to times of women suffage.. stay away from the great depression.. stay away from happy days nuclear family 50s ..stay away from 60s acid .. 1978-1984 i think is my time ..not too far back but damn that seemed like a lot of fun

2005-09-11 16:58:12 ET

I'd probably go back and pay my parking tickets on time.

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