5 different ideas about 6 different things
2006-01-22 09:42:54 ET

lyrics to live by
In this world of normality it's best to value the company of a dyslexic insomniac atheist.

We almost killed Byron last night, but that's what he gets for turning 21 on us.

It's odd to see the girl you've had your eye on making out with the daughter of you mother's best friend.

The dead can indeed dance.

Myspace isn't so bad if you use it responsibly. This, however, may not be possible.

2006-01-22 09:44:32 ET

the dead moonwalk

2006-01-22 13:13:36 ET

Tip for responsible use of Myspace: Debate the existence of hell all you want, but weather or not there used to be one, one was most certainly willed in to place to put those who perpetuate quizes and chain letters.

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