I done contused myself bad.
2006-01-24 10:15:31 ET

I crashed my bike last week and I brused a couple ribs aparently. It didn't hurt till last night, now I fear caughing and sneezing greatly. They wanted to put me on Vicodin. To hell drugs, I'll take my pain like a man. Now hand be that bottle of gin, I can't get up.

2006-01-24 10:26:55 ET

I've used Vodka for tooth aches

2006-01-24 13:16:34 ET

booze is no match for opiates.

2006-01-24 20:07:51 ET

I like to imagine booze and opiates like the gangs from Westside Story. When one of them steps on another ones turf, they gotta rumble... nobody wins.

2006-01-25 06:03:40 ET

hmmm, now i gotta watch westside story...

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