2006-03-08 14:30:38 ET

My scone is stale...

2006-03-08 14:36:48 ET

soak it

2006-03-08 14:44:06 ET

Well I guess it's soaking with the coffee in my stomach. Food has got to be more than stale to stop me from eating it.

2006-03-08 14:45:23 ET

want me to curb stomp the guy that gave it to you?

2006-03-08 15:00:08 ET

That won't be necessary, it was my fault for misjudging my scone eating voracity and buying far too many and having the last few go stale.

2006-03-08 21:40:59 ET

once it goes in it'll all be the same? oh taste buds and teeth have to be so stubborn

2006-03-09 03:53:44 ET

A'right, Hippy.

What you need is a flashlight and a straw. A flashlight to find your way and a straw so YOU CAN SUCK IT UP!

urgh. argh. HURMAGHA!

2006-03-10 12:49:15 ET

Get a new one.

2006-03-12 08:13:46 ET

That was secret code for an alien invasion.

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