you are you and what have you done with my climate?
2006-10-04 18:18:48 ET

It is raining.
It does not do that this time of year.
It is statistically the warmest time of the year in this area.

2006-10-04 18:27:40 ET

damn the statistics, it's global warming!

2006-10-04 19:53:02 ET

Are you in San Francisco?

2006-10-04 19:57:43 ET


2006-10-04 20:07:31 ET

But would you rather it be dry?

I guess I would because I can't bike if it's really muddy. Well, I can, but I don't like to track that in with me.

2006-10-04 20:27:25 ET

I'm fine with the rain, it makes my forest smell good (that sounds like it could mean something else, but it doesn't). It's just very odd and the recent changes in weather scare me.

2006-10-04 21:08:17 ET

Give it about another two weeks, and it will be raining nonstop here!

Althought...temperate rain forest, so I guess we kind of CAN'T avoid it! ;)

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