2006-10-24 09:28:09 ET

God can't see through Volvos.

2006-10-24 13:41:31 ET

Yes He can!

2006-10-24 13:58:50 ET

You're thinking of Odin, he can see through Volvos.

2006-10-24 13:59:59 ET

What is it about Volvos that makes them God-proof?

2006-10-24 14:03:22 ET

That's a Scandinavian secret that I'm slightly to Saxon to be told.

2006-10-25 07:37:16 ET

Must be the lead. Even Superman can't see through lead.

2006-10-31 01:12:01 ET

Good thing God isn't an OBGYN... oh, you said volvos.

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