I'm picking out a thermos for you.
2006-11-16 19:18:58 ET

Why did nobody tell me that Porcupine Tree is an incredible prog-rock band and not a crappy emo band like I thought. I'm not sure how I came that conclusion, but it worries me that there are many other bands out there that I am completely overlooking because I think they suck without ever having heard their music.

Not an ordinary thermos for you.

Is it ordinary to have inside jokes with one's self?

2006-11-16 20:21:52 ET

I have inside jokes with myself...

2006-11-16 21:28:52 ET

I think my liver is hilarious.

2006-11-16 21:36:41 ET

I have the same feeling about 'crappy' bands. I'm planning a radio show of bands that I say I hate just because I haven't given the bands a chance. Panic! at the disco, Bright Eyes, Death Cab..

2006-11-16 21:38:11 ET

I used to think I did, but more and more people seem to know what I'm talking about.

I find my pancreas to be the more humors organ.

Are any of those not crappy emo bands?

2006-11-17 01:12:36 ET

emo or not, they're all bands that occupy a niche better executed by people before them and contemporary...

2006-11-17 08:21:15 ET

Contrary to popular belief, GWAR is actually a Nordic horn quartet.

2006-12-08 23:01:37 ET

for you. yes.

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