It's gonna take 11.
2006-11-18 11:23:15 ET

What would you do if everyone thought you could do no wrong? That is, what ever you did people were OK with it.

2006-11-18 11:30:11 ET


2006-11-18 16:41:41 ET

Not pay for food or rent.

2006-11-18 18:50:33 ET


2006-11-20 11:39:21 ET

Sleep all day, then demand people buy me drinks when I got up.
Expose myself on the bus.
Run down aisles of the supermarket with my arms spread wide, taking out everything on the shelves.
Go to Hollywood with my "Directors that Deserve Genital Trauma" list with coresponding iron ball at the end of an oak staff.
Switch America to the metric system.

2006-11-20 18:53:40 ET


2006-11-21 01:26:49 ET

you might think it very odd of me?

2006-11-21 10:35:47 ET


2006-11-21 12:54:25 ET

Plug the blowholes of whales.

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