My mom got a couple extra as well.
2007-01-17 16:37:37 ET

My brother and our friend left to India yesterday. I had to buy his Burning Man ticket this morning, I got me one too.

2007-01-17 18:09:00 ET

lucky bastards.

2007-01-18 00:54:47 ET

weird. my stepbrother left for India yesterday too. he is not a burner though. but still. weird.

2007-01-18 17:43:22 ET

must be the hip place to go

2007-01-27 11:59:41 ET

*gasp!* Why did they go, and to where, and for how long??

2007-01-28 15:05:56 ET

fun, all over, four months

2007-02-04 10:13:01 ET


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