2007-02-02 22:11:12 ET

I hurt my back lifting a 60 lb box of soy sauce today.
But it's ok because I got to eat a big bowl of squid.

2007-02-02 23:46:02 ET

I've been working at restaurants for the first time in my life for the past eight months or so. Two things I want to say:
1) Lifting heavy things will come into the picture a lot, especially if you are back of house.... please be careful.
2) It's a common opinion that all restaurant owners and managers are out of their fucking minds, and can be meaner than ever sometimes. If this person fired all of their staff first day, that's a bad sign. I don't know this person and they might not be that bad but once again, please be careful.

2007-02-03 11:25:39 ET

i'm usually the one who has to bring in the 60 lb buckets of soy sauce and the big boxes of sake, wine and beer. and i'm the littlest one there :(
then they give me hamachi and i forgive them for about and hour or 2.

It's a common opinion that all restaurant owners and managers are out of their fucking minds...

quoted for TRUTH.
[my managers almost fired me for taking vacation that they approved. wtf?]

2007-02-03 12:30:08 ET

Oh yeah, you do sushi too! Yes, mmm, hamachi. I have a hard time paying for sushi now.

2007-02-03 13:03:44 ET

I didn't know that eating squid was an effective back therapy.

2007-02-03 14:33:45 ET

I bet 60 lbs of soy sauce would give somebody pretty horrendous diarrhea.

2007-02-03 14:34:07 ET

or, you know, make their heart explode.

2007-02-03 14:34:37 ET

Maybe one would shit their heart out?

2007-02-03 15:00:07 ET

that is a possibility.

lately, i've been wondering about the people that come into the sushi bar that go through an entire bottle of soy sauce in one sitting. are they going to have a heart attack at 25? will their bodies be pefectly preserved after they die because of the insane amounts of soy sauce they guzzle? does their skin turn darker because of this urge to drink every drop of soy sauce on the table?

inquiring minds want to know.

2007-02-04 13:56:59 ET

I lift heavy crap at work all the time, and all I get to eat are lousy ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN retailer-incentive variant covers.

2007-02-04 22:28:00 ET

Blu: No shit! I hate the soy sauce mongers.

2007-02-04 22:28:49 ET

Blu: No shit! I hate the soy sauce mongers. But most of it never becomes ingested really. It just sits in the little dishes you gave them. They fill them up to the fucking brim even though they'll never eat enough sushi to go through all of it. Oh, how I hate them.

2007-02-05 06:04:25 ET

YEAH! i have tables of teenagers that fill those fucking things up 20 minutes before they even have food on the table. then they do sake bombs. then the come up to me asking for napkins because they made a huge fucking mess [sake bombs only require a light pound on the table for the sake cup to go into the glass of Sapporo. but these kids think they need to completley destroy the table. *shakes head*]

theyre the reason i come home with at least a half a bottle of soy sauce in my hair every night >:[

2007-02-05 20:50:33 ET

Yeah. I always smelled of japanese condiments. I didn't mind though. It felt tasty.

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