What's the biggest piece of paper you can find?
2007-03-27 21:48:30 ET

This bug landed on my shirt the other morning.

and this one landed in a glass.

2007-03-27 21:59:54 ET

There kind of cute in that disgusting way.

2007-03-27 22:17:12 ET

i'm expecting the penuts to show up at any minute to sing the mothra theme

2007-03-27 22:43:53 ET


2007-03-28 00:04:24 ET

they're kind of sexy in that i'd fuck them and let them blast their bug load in my mouth kind of way

2007-03-28 02:49:12 ET

It's a cow ant. There actually wasps.

The one on your shirt, I mean.

2007-04-04 19:41:36 ET

Jesus! I'd remove their heads and place 'em on poles to set an example for any other bugs who get any wise-guy ideas about bugging me.

2007-04-04 19:44:53 ET

Those would have to be some might small poles.

2007-04-04 19:48:34 ET

Tooth picks, young padawan.

2007-07-11 21:21:07 ET


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