2008-06-16 20:55:41 ET

I've got a blister the size of quarter on the ball of my foot, I ran over my big toe with my computer chair taking a bunch of skin off, I burnt my left thumb cooking dinner and I sliced open the tips of my right middle and index fingers which wouldn't stop bleeding until I super glued them shut.
I've also developed a case of poison oak on my arm.

2008-06-16 20:59:29 ET

Ouch!!! sorry u got all those boo-boo's. hopefully they heal up quickly!

2008-06-17 15:23:16 ET

Sounds like when I used to be a line cook. My hands were always adorned with cuts and burns. I'm usually not clumsy, but when you have to work around high flames and knives sharp enough to cut a sheet of paper in half (depth wise) at 5am, it's a recipe for a phalanges fiasco.

2008-06-17 16:24:36 ET

yeah the kitchen has given me share of lacerations, but worst job in that respect that I've had was working in the lab at LensCrafters. Handling sharpened pieces of glass is just a recipe for disaster.

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