2003-04-07 11:33:47 ET
Dear Mother Nature,

It's April. Enough of this snow bullshit!


Kimberly Smith

 dude! you're gettin' my fist shoved down your throat!    2003-04-05 16:33:57 ET
A shining example of retardedness...
(discussed in an aim convo- only one more reason to dislike katie)

kimberlyES15: i came home today and she was parked off the the side of the driveway. that's where i always park ESPECIALLY saturday nights. she knows that. everyone in the house knows that b/c i have to leave so early in the morning sundays. so she comes out of her hole and starts talking at me and it came up in convo...well, i brought it up...and she said "yeah, i parked off to the side so that i could go grocery shopping tonight and wouldn't have to move cars." so i say "yeah, well, it's just easier for me to park off the side sat. night so i don't have to move cars at 6:45am so i can get to werk."
katie: "yeah, well, i have move cars to go to work too."
kim: "at 6:45 am?"
katie: "well...i had to scrape two cars off this morning so i could go to work" ::walks away::
kim: ::yelling after her:: " well, i had to scrape mine too...get over it."
crakk boyy: she's a bitch. I wish a hemmoroid upon her

well, that was rousing wasn't it? I feel better.
My manager asked me today if I would stop by his house and take his sick wife some food b/c he had so much to do and couldn't himself. It was so weird, but I agreed because I guess i'm some sort of kind person. He talked to me later and said to forget it she was alright, that's when he realized that it was a very strange request. hm. lol.

 The female lion does 90% of the hunting.    2003-04-04 12:05:00 ET

I hate cold cold rain with a passion, and today was no exception. I had to trekk 'round our stinkin' huge campus getting poured on most of the day. It sucked.
I'm finally done with this hell-ish week.
I hate exams. bah!

jeff is coming to see me. :) We're supposedly going to see A Man Apart tonight. I'm excited. I'm gona hump Vin Diesel's leg one day, he just doesn't know it yet.

I went and talked to the Engineering Arts advisor today. Looks promising. Everyone cross their fingers and hope i get accepted! :)

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