2005-12-01 07:20:43 ET

lets see. i just moved to a new apt.
no more crazy cat lady landlord!
she calls me a hooker when i wear my corset.
its amusing. mmmm corset.

i've justbeen kinda browing this whole SK site. work's been to crazy to really do much of anything.
plus its work, gym, boyfriend and lately, the move.
i'm nervous because i kinda have a stepdaughter now
she knows about me and her dad. she's only 2. adorable.
the most i've ever had to worry about was my dogs.
oh well, its alright.

i dont like the fact that xxxmas is coming up so quickly. grrr. at least there's no snow on the ground for the moment, altho there was a few days ago.
i need a new piercing. and new inkages. i'd be quite happy. but sigh, that also requires $$$. that is something i just dont have. ah well i'll live.

thanks for all the welcome stuffs.
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2005-11-29 07:43:01 ET

first entry thing here

i have a bme page with the same username

i haven't checked this site out a whole lot, but i'll browse later.

i hate my job, but at least it lets me get on here so it'll keep me occupied. bonus, i suppose.


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