Grrr....2007-08-28 05:36:20 ET

So I guess the person who I ranted about on here is constantly checking SK now. I made it so memebers can only see my page and she is desperate to join SK. I guess she has tried several times. It really sucks because I want my privacy, I want a place I can rant and cool off with out her getting pissed, and if I block her if she does get an account she will be pissed. Why can't she just stick with her myspace and facebook. I'm so freakin annoyed right now, and i know the only reason she wants to join is so she can rant right back about me...What am I to do, go do that else where. I don't want drama, but when you get mad you sometimes say things you don't mean then you cool off and it doesn't need to be seen or heard by the other person unless its really causeing a problem. Most of the stuff is just petty juvenile stuff that we don't need to get in a fight about so I just rant on here, and then leave it I won't have a place to do it. I guess she has tried several times but hasn't gotten an account yet. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Okay so to make myself feel better and not so frustraited this is what I did....I still need to fix them up a bit, but they are still cute.


Its a scam...2007-08-27 08:24:49 ET

I just had to google it and all this bad stuff came up about it. Good thing I didn't just say yeah and join. LOL Kinda sucks though. I really wish I was good enough to be recognized by something like that that is actually legit. Oh wells.

Does anyone know...2007-08-27 07:50:23 ET

If the Internation Society of Photographers is legit and worth while or is it just people trying to make themselfs sound cool so you will join and give them your money? This is what their e-mail said:

Dear Shandra Jenkins,

It's something we don't often do, but after viewing and discussing your photography, the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Library of Photography has nominated you for membership in the most exciting photography organization in the world - the International Society of Photographers!

The Editorial Advisory Board wholeheartedly agrees that your photographic abilities warrant nomination into the International Society of Photographers - a photographic organization that is world-renowned and dedicated to recognizing photographic talent such as yours. As Chairman, I want to personally inform you about all the new benefits of membership, and I did not want you to miss out on this opportunity. Shandra, I know that after hearing what we are about, you will join us as a member of our society - the International Society of Photographers!

You'll receive many tangible benefits when you become a member. There are three levels of membership, and I am positive there is one that will fit your photographic needs. Whatever membership category you choose, we look forward to your participation in our organization for many years to come. Perhaps more importantly, you'll be joining fellow photographers from around the world in one of the largest photography organizations in the world - an organization dedicated to recognizing, awarding, and promoting the photographic talent of our members.

An Organization You Can Be Proud Of!

Noted for our charitable contributions and our accomplishments in furthering photographic endeavors, the International Society of Photographers maintains a reputation for bringing photography to more people and to more nations than any other organization in the world.

Whether you take pictures for the satisfaction it gives you, as a personal way to record the world around you, or as a hobby, through your membership, you and your photography will be recognized by thousands of people from all over the world. Shandra, it's a great feeling to know they're interested in you and that your photography is being viewed and enjoyed by others. In fact, by joining the International Society of Photographers, you and your photography will receive worldwide recognition from many different nations.

You'll even have the opportunity to meet and share your photography with other members. As a member, I will extend a personal invitation to our yearly convention, which is known for bringing together photographers of all ages and nationalities who share a common love of photography. These exciting, fun, and educational events are full of camaraderie, warm friendship, and mutual admiration for our photographic endeavors.

Opportunity To Attend The Photographic Event Of The Year!

This year, our conference in Las Vegas drew photographers from around the world! We believe this to be one of the largest single gatherings of photographers in history. Our members had the opportunity to meet and discuss photographs with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly, Time Magazine photographer Robert Nickelsberg, and famed rock & roll photographer Bob Gruen. We've been entertained by such acts as The Platters and Lee Allen, just to name a few . . . not to mention the largest single cash prize of $10,000 awarded to an amateur photographer. As a member, you will have a chance to win your share of these cash prizes. No matter what style of photography you shoot, you'll find these contests to be exciting and rewarding events.

Join the International Society of Photographers now, Shandra, and you'll become one of the recognized leaders of your craft. Your friends, family, and colleagues will look to you as an example of experience, vision, and accomplishment in the photographic world. Your society will look to you for your unique perspective as expressed through your photographs. I'm sure we'll soon be seeing you at our annual conventions.

Go here to see the three different levels of membership.
Go here to join us today.


Craig Foster
Chairman, Board of Trustees
International Society of Photographers

P.S. Shandra, we accept only a limited number of members each year, and by accepting your invitation now, your benefits will begin immediately and you will promptly receive your membership items through the mail. Most importantly, we will welcome you as a member of the largest photography organization in the world - the International Society of Photographers.

I don't know I am always kind of skeptical with things like this that just kinda pop up in my e-mail box. If anyone knows anything about them please let me know. Thanks!

OH and speaking of is a picture I made for Q. :) Its corney I know but I still love it.


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