It was suggested...2007-08-28 15:04:40 ET

that I make a buisness card and offer my photography skills to make a little extra money. Well here is what the card will look like. Any suggestions on improving it?


Grrr....2007-08-28 05:36:20 ET

So I guess the person who I ranted about on here is constantly checking SK now. I made it so memebers can only see my page and she is desperate to join SK. I guess she has tried several times. It really sucks because I want my privacy, I want a place I can rant and cool off with out her getting pissed, and if I block her if she does get an account she will be pissed. Why can't she just stick with her myspace and facebook. I'm so freakin annoyed right now, and i know the only reason she wants to join is so she can rant right back about me...What am I to do, go do that else where. I don't want drama, but when you get mad you sometimes say things you don't mean then you cool off and it doesn't need to be seen or heard by the other person unless its really causeing a problem. Most of the stuff is just petty juvenile stuff that we don't need to get in a fight about so I just rant on here, and then leave it I won't have a place to do it. I guess she has tried several times but hasn't gotten an account yet. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Okay so to make myself feel better and not so frustraited this is what I did....I still need to fix them up a bit, but they are still cute.


Its a scam...2007-08-27 08:24:49 ET

I just had to google it and all this bad stuff came up about it. Good thing I didn't just say yeah and join. LOL Kinda sucks though. I really wish I was good enough to be recognized by something like that that is actually legit. Oh wells.

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