MMM Porkchops!2007-08-31 08:01:35 ET

I just made them for lunch. I'm not a very good cook, but my porkchops were sure good. I rub them with salt, garlic powder and a bit of ginger and fixed them in the skillet with mushrooms. Sage seemed to really like it too.

So I have most of the bills I can pay paid and after all the bills are taken care of I will only have like 60.00 left over and Ihave to get groceries with that. I'm really glad that Q gets 100.00 everymonth to do whatever he wants with. Makes me feel a little better.

Well I gotta go and pay some more bills. WOO HOO!!! ><

....2007-08-30 16:12:17 ET

I hate it when people want to use me. I'm sorry that i don't feel like giving you what you want all the time, its nice to just talk about things everyonce in a while. If you are just keeping me around because of the other stuff then don't bother talking to me ever again. I'm so frustraited. I want people to like me for me, not what they think I can or will do for them. Grrr...

Its wonderful having a child and animals because when you hear your two year old laughing histaricly and you go investigate, and she has the dog playing with the cat toy and the cat attacking the makes you forget all your problems. :)

YAY!!!!!2007-08-30 12:41:10 ET

Sage finally went poo in the toilet!!! She is in big girl underwear and she does really well with telling me she has to go, but this is the first time she has done number 2...hehe. I'm sure it doesn't sound that exciting unless your a mom or dad...but YAY!!!

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