My vacum is broken.:(2007-09-02 06:39:53 ET

I was cleaning my house today, and its pretty much finished except for vacumming. The house is always a mess because I'm not the tidyest person and I have a 23 month old. I never feel finished until the floor is clean and now I can't do that. I feel yucky and unacomplished. Grrr....
I guess I'll have to see if I can borrow someones.

Sage and I...2007-09-01 11:13:02 ET

went swimming today. The pool closes the day after labor day and Sage is always staring out the window wanting to hop in the pool. I finally took her today. I put her in one of the new swim suits I got her and she looked so cute!!!

Luntatic Luau2007-09-01 06:36:50 ET

Just got my tickets this morning. I am so excited. My friend Laurie gets here on the 14th and then we are going to go to the concert together. Its gonna be so much fun. Papa Roach is headlineing, and Hinder is going to be there as well. YAY! Then just a couple days after the concert Quinten gets home...even more exciting. I have Sage's and my outfit picked out for when he comes home. We are gonna look great. He doesn't know that Laurie is going to be here. Its a surprise. He is going to be so happy to see her. :)

The bands:

all has fallen
1:05 1:30
1:30 2:00
4 to nothing
2:00 2:25
2:25 2:55
2:55 3:20
3:20 3:50
3:50 4:15
4:15 5:00
the showdown
5:00 5:25
5:25 6:15
All That Remains
6:15 7:00
7:00 7:50
Shadows Fall
7:50 8:35
8:35 9:25
9:55 10:45

Its going to be a great day!!

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