It is seriously...2007-09-05 13:19:14 ET

95 degrees in my apartment. I have all of the windows in my house open and my fans going. My clothes are sticking to me and I have sweat running into my eyes. Its like my own personal sauna. I just hope it cools off a bit tonight or I won't be able to sleep. I did get a nap in today but still. UGGG...I'm gonna call mantinace tomorrow.

I burnt myself...2007-09-05 12:06:16 ET

getting toast out of the toaster. My thumb hurts now. I'm bored, and my airconditoner isn't working. I can't really have it on anyways because my power bill is like 130.00. Ugg..nothing seems to be working out for me.

Why is it...2007-09-05 05:00:42 ET

that the only one that can truly comfort me is the reason I want to be comforted?

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