I lost my cell phone...2007-09-12 16:56:58 ET

:( I have no idea where it is. I have to try one more place in the morning because they are closed right now. I am so frustraited because my friend is coming soon and I need my phone to communicate with her. I do have a house phone but that means I have to sit around here all day in case she calls. Uggg... things were starting to get a little better too. Hopefully I set it down at Old Navy and just forgot to pick it up. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because if I didn't I'm gonna have to call t-mobil and figure out how to get a new one. I have insurance on it but I guess they only pay for half of the phone cost and my phone is like a 300.00 phone. :( Why does this have to happen now?

I love this jacket.2007-09-11 10:18:24 ET


Whatever2007-09-11 06:55:37 ET

So the same people that had tried to get me to join their society...want to publish the picture I sent in for the photocontest. They sent me this thing, about the book, but its like 70 dollars for pretty much nothing. I don't even think I want them to publish it. I think everyone who sends in a photo gets it "published". I don't know what to do about it. If I don't send in the paper stuff maybe they won't publish it because it said I MUST fill it out and send it back stating that it was my work. If I don't and they publish it could I sue them or something?

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