I love this jacket.2007-09-11 10:18:24 ET


Whatever2007-09-11 06:55:37 ET

So the same people that had tried to get me to join their society...want to publish the picture I sent in for the photocontest. They sent me this thing, about the book, but its like 70 dollars for pretty much nothing. I don't even think I want them to publish it. I think everyone who sends in a photo gets it "published". I don't know what to do about it. If I don't send in the paper stuff maybe they won't publish it because it said I MUST fill it out and send it back stating that it was my work. If I don't and they publish it could I sue them or something?

Mocha is in the paper2007-09-09 07:06:52 ET

I have gotten two calls so far. One said she wouldn't be big enough because they already have a 100lb dog and they are looking for a playmate. The other lady said she would give me a call a little later today when she was ready to come see her. I hope they do decide to come see her and they are good people that want to take her home. I'm gonna miss that dog. She is such a sweety.

I got the e-mail from the CO that tells when the ship is going to be home. The date and time. I am so excited. Just a few more days!! Laurie gets here in 5 days. Gosh!! I have also managed to keep my house clean to. Sage will help me pick up her toys before she goes to bed and I am getting better at folding my clothes and hanging up the ones I can as soon as they come out of the dryer so they aren't littering my floor. My dishes are staying done to. I am so ready for him to be home.

I did my budget for the 1st and we will have enough money to have a birthday party for Sage. I'm excited about that. I don't want her to ever have to go without. We have joined a playgroup. We meet different places so the kids can play and we grab lunch. Its nice to get out of the house and I am so happy Sage is getting to interact with other kids. Maybe she will finally start talking. lol

Well I guess thats all for right now.
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