OMG!!!2007-09-13 07:48:23 ET

Laurie gets here tomorrow morning!!! I have a ton to do today and I have to find my freakin cell phone. For some odd reason the office is closed wich is really aggrivating. I'm sure my phone isn't there but just in case I would like to be able to ask someone. The concert is Sat. and Quinten gets home in just a couple more days. I can hardly stand it. If my cell phone wasnt gone well then everything would be just about perfect, but that can't ever happen to me. Quinten still doesn't know that Laurie is going to be here. He keeps asking me if Ihave talked to her but I just go around the question b/c i don't want to give it away or lie to him.

I did just find out though that my friend Bri is moving away to her home town after her surgery. That made me really sad. I am really going to miss her. When she is gone and Quinten is gone I will really have no one. Its hard to make new friends when you dont really do much. The play group I joined is nice, but they are all a lot older than me, so I doubt we have to much in common. I want someone closer to my own age that I can hang out with, that likes the things I do. UGG..I'm not gonna think about it anymore.

Well Old Navy...2007-09-13 06:02:45 ET

doesn't have my phone. I'm gonna rummage through my friend Bri's house but I really don't think its there. So someone found it and probably walked off with it, wich really sucks b/c i had a ton of pictures on that phone. Some meant a lot to me too. :( I am going to try my apartments office too. Maybe someone found it and was nice enough to turn it in. This really sucks b/c I don't really have the money to get a new one.

Well I tried....2007-09-12 19:49:15 ET

to make myself look like a vamp, but I need a lot of practice and a better computer.

I had fun with it though. :)

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