Its been really hard to cope lately2007-07-06 06:17:26 ET

I know in life that people come and go, especially when you are in the military, but I still have a very hard time dealing with it. My friend Patch was shiped out to Iraq for a year about 3 weeks ago, and today two of my very close friends went to California. Their ship changed home ports. Two more of my friends are leaving as leaves Monday. He is leaving for the Army, and the other is going home to Kansas. I am glad for them because they both are getting to do something that they want, but I have no one else. My husband doesn't get home until Sept. and they are the only close friends I have. I am one of those people that hates to be alone and once they are gone, I will be. Life really sucks sometimes. Any ways I have been spending quite a bit of time with them and have gotten some goofy pictures, so I thought I would share them.



I can't sleep2007-07-05 01:54:49 ET


I adopted.....2007-05-27 04:56:37 ET

my friends backyard this weekend. I am actually very excited about it. When I lived in Indiana with my mom we had six acres of land, and we planted trees flowers shrubs and made a fountain. We would hide little fairy statues every where and make lighted globes to light the place at night. Since I have moved to Virginia, I haven't had a yard and I was going through withdraws. My friend Bridget recently moved and they have a nice little yard with a patio swing and everything. I decided the yard could use a little more and I took it over. It looks so nice now and there is a place to barbecu and eat out there. Its a great place to go outside and relax and enjoy lazy summer afternoons or evenings. I love it. I spend a lot more time over there now than I do my own apartment. I can't wait to go back home to Indiana where I can actually do what I want with my house and have my yard back. My husband and I are going to build a house further back on my moms property. We are all looking forward to it. :) Any who I am off to go plant some more flowers!!!

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