This Picture Make me smile...2007-05-25 10:49:45 ET

Its of my daughter and she put the sticker there herself.

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Before and After2007-05-21 18:02:34 ET

I dyed my hair today...was getting bored with the normal color. Its only semi permanent though because I do like my natural color but sometimes its just good for a change.




Oh no!! I broke a nail....2007-05-19 19:40:27 ET

and i mean that in the most non girly way. I litarally snapped it all the way down to the nail bed and riped part of it off. It really sucked. Not much else is going on though. My friends grandma died so they are going away for a few days for the funeral so I am going to be kinda lonely. I'll get over that though, I'm sure Sage will keep me buisy. Ummm....I guess thats all.

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