I adopted.....2007-05-27 04:56:37 ET

my friends backyard this weekend. I am actually very excited about it. When I lived in Indiana with my mom we had six acres of land, and we planted trees flowers shrubs and made a fountain. We would hide little fairy statues every where and make lighted globes to light the place at night. Since I have moved to Virginia, I haven't had a yard and I was going through withdraws. My friend Bridget recently moved and they have a nice little yard with a patio swing and everything. I decided the yard could use a little more and I took it over. It looks so nice now and there is a place to barbecu and eat out there. Its a great place to go outside and relax and enjoy lazy summer afternoons or evenings. I love it. I spend a lot more time over there now than I do my own apartment. I can't wait to go back home to Indiana where I can actually do what I want with my house and have my yard back. My husband and I are going to build a house further back on my moms property. We are all looking forward to it. :) Any who I am off to go plant some more flowers!!!

This Picture Make me smile...2007-05-25 10:49:45 ET

Its of my daughter and she put the sticker there herself.

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Before and After2007-05-21 18:02:34 ET

I dyed my hair today...was getting bored with the normal color. Its only semi permanent though because I do like my natural color but sometimes its just good for a change.




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