Fantasitc2011-09-01 11:19:21 ET

Working part time and we just got a new car! Things are going great right now.

Owls <32011-08-11 16:29:25 ET

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MOVERS SUCK!2011-08-06 00:40:36 ET

My husband and I are doing a Military move, and I was so excited when someone finally accepted the bid on our move. We had been without our stuff for a couple of weeks. The day before our schedualed move day, they called to see if they could go ahead and get started. I said that would be no problem. I was TOLD they would be there in about an hour, around 11:00am, and they didn't show up unitl almost 4:00pm. Then they said they couldn't do it because they didn't have enough time. I did take the pre-move survey and embelleshed on it! There should have been no reason to not have what they needed. Any ways, they said they would return in the morning, between the hours of 9-11 am. I had to call around 3pm to find out what was going on. I did not recieve a courtsey phone call to let me know they were going to be running late, nor did they tell me this. They had said our stuff was unfit to put in there trucks because of mold and roaches,and the condition of the house. It hadn't been lived in, in a long time! My husband and I have been gone for not quite a month, and my mother-in-law has been over in the house trying to get things ready to go almost every day since we have been gone. Not once in the year I lived there did I see one bug or spec of mold. I had water available for the movers and was prepaired to buy them lunch, and did not even recieve a call to let me know they weren't going to pack my stuff. My family and I have now been without our stuff for over a month, and my daughter who is 5 starts school soon. She has been sleeping on a makeshift bed of blankets in the hopes she would recieve her bed soon! I have several people and friends that have been to the house recently that will vouch that it is clean but clutterd due to the centralization of the stuff that is to be moved. We were trying to make their job easier. I am very disappointed in how we have been treated through out the past couple of days. It has been very unprofessional. Do NOT say you will be back and then not call to let us know you changed your mind, and do NOT lie about the condition of our house so you don't have to do the move.

This will be posted as a review on their page when said and done.

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