I love this image...2011-07-30 16:56:50 ET


I found it on Deviantart. So pretty. :)
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The 2nd2011-07-25 13:08:11 ET

is my interview for the 911 dispatcher position and I also got called by Sunflower bank. Happy!

I can't wait2011-07-20 08:49:28 ET

to get my household goods. I eat on the floor and the 3 of us practically sit on top of each other to watch a movie on the computer.I will also have my wii and my stereo so I will actually have a little more to occupy my time with. I have no idea when I will get it though. I told the movers that we would like to have it no later then the 15th of Aug. but I really hope that they get it to us sooner. I called them on Mon. and I haven't hear anything yet about pick up dates. Its frustraiting.

On a dif. note we are going to a rodeo tomorrow night. It should be interesting. I have never been to one. I have seen them on tv, but actually being at one will be fun I think. Sage will love getting to see the horses. I hope they have lemon shake ups at the fair, and yummy fattening fried food, like they do at the fair back home. I love fair week. lol

I got called about an interview for a school photographer, but the hours don't work for me with us only haveing one vehicle and being so new to the area. I don't have anyone to watch Sage and get her to school in the mornings because I could have to leave as early as 5:00 to get to a school. It made me really sad. I have a test this Sat. for the Geary county dispatcher. That could be an interesting job. I will hopefully pass the test and get an interview. The job I am really hopeing to get is a part time teller at Armed Forces Bank. Its on post and I would be working bank hours so that would work perfectly for me. I haven't heard anything from them yet though. I don't know if I should call or what. I submitted my application online. I hate doing it that way because it feels so impersonal to me and I have no idea who to call to check on my application either. I guess it will all work out in the end.

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