Music2010-08-21 15:09:22 ET

My friend Shane is a vocalist in the band Feint. I really think they are great and I am not just saying it b/c he is a friend. You should check out their myspace page.

Good Morning Sunshine2010-08-19 09:12:07 ET

Sage on her second day of school. I took these with my phone. : D
I got a new one and I love it.


School2010-08-19 03:10:57 ET

Second day, and its a good thing sage seemes to like school, or I don't think I would have gotten her up this morning. Goofball didn't got to sleep till after 10. I had tucked her in at 8:30 but when I went upstairs I found her asleep in a pile of her toys. :P

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