Good Morning Sunshine2010-08-19 09:12:07 ET

Sage on her second day of school. I took these with my phone. : D
I got a new one and I love it.


School2010-08-19 03:10:57 ET

Second day, and its a good thing sage seemes to like school, or I don't think I would have gotten her up this morning. Goofball didn't got to sleep till after 10. I had tucked her in at 8:30 but when I went upstairs I found her asleep in a pile of her toys. :P

Friends2010-08-17 08:04:04 ET

Marlina, Sage and Mariell
Sage has made friends with our next door neighbors, they play so well together and are never apart...they even yell back and forth at night from their bedroom windows. Its cute even though I tell her not to do it. :P


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