What sounds good?2010-08-26 13:25:29 ET

For dinner?
My friend and I are headed to town and I'm not sure what sounds good.

Also Sage can climb the monkey bars all by herself!

2010-08-26 03:12:38 ET

My dA id

I'm still having fun with the color gradient stuff. lol

See if this works...2010-08-25 15:32:07 ET

It didn't.

I'm really bored. I think I may call it an extra early night tonight. I really want to talk to a certain friend, but he seems kind of unreachable at the moment. I just hope everything is okay. I have pictures to post but I don't feel like posting them at the moment.

I fell down the stairs this morning(haha funny I know) but it hurt! : P
My right hip is bruised really bad and the back of my legs hurt. Hopefully it will feel better in the morning instead of feeling worse.

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