Feel like I have been hit by a freight train....2010-09-11 16:21:26 ET

The past couple of days have been hell. Yesterday was the worst day of my life, and today Sage wound up with a broken arm and I was an hour and a half away and could not be there for her. All the stress has me feeling like crap.


Broke my Heart2010-08-31 16:22:12 ET

So while I was playing an online game Sage came over and sat beside me. I wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing, but I heard her say..."I really miss daddy." I look over and she has a picture of them together and she is looking at it, then takes it and holds it to her heart. Talk about instant water works.
I told her I miss him a lot too, and she then proceeds by say.."I am sad at him because I don't get to see him for a while." Broke my heart. We love and miss you Quinten!

This was the picture she was looking at. :)

Gift2010-08-31 07:34:07 ET

I want to get Quinten a Harley. I hope I can save up enough money and find him a nice bike.

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